Stihl MS 261

Stihl MS 261

Stihl MS 261

Stihl MS 261

Stihl MS 261
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The MS 261 chainsaw provides exceptional professional-grade performance, while also being fuel efficient and emitting low emissions. It has a redesigned cylinder and ergonomic housing, which results in a fantastic power-to-weight ratio, with a weight of only 10.8 lbs. This chainsaw is ideal for extensive volume cutting, and includes an anti-vibration system for added comfort. Additionally, it features a pre-separation air filtration system and a redesigned spiked bumper for added convenience. Get your hands on the MS 261 today for your jobsite needs.

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Reviews (5)

May 1, 2023

Best Ground saw I have ever bought!!

I bought this saw and I have many of the Stihl Saws and this one is probably my favorite! Light and very powerful. Hasn't let me down

May 6, 2023

I look forward to every time I use this saw!

I’ve had this saw for a few months now & I’m in love. The weight & balance is perfect, did I mention it absolutely rips?! I decided to buy this saw because I wanted a pro saw & all the benefits of one & I’m glad to own it. Stihl has been & always will be my go to for any weed eater, chainsaw, leaf blower, ect. I’ve never been let down stihl & I don’t see that changing anytime soon. :)

May 9, 2023

Excellent power to weight ratio

I bought this saw today because of the power to weight ratio. At just over 10lbs I can use it all day in the woods and I'm not hurting. I LOVE THIS SAW! When I walked into the store Hallie greeted me and was very knowledgeable about the Stihl inventory. I went back and forth with the 311 vs the 261 and I'm so glad I spent a little more and went with the 261. I had no trouble cutting up three huge pines (24" diameter) with this saw.

May 13, 2023

Great saw, starts like clockwork, plenty of power!

I was in the market for a decent chainsaw, as I own a decent acreage with forest land. Frequently, a tree will fall, requiring it to be cut in smaller pieces to a burn pile. I started looking at homeowner saws, then went to farm and ranch saws. Overall, I noticed that those products were full of plastic and are unlikely to survive decades, allowing me to pass the saw on to my boys. I decided to look at "Pro" saws, noted that they are still made to the same standard the old 025 and 026 were made - significantly more metal, easier to repair, etc. MS 261 fit the bill, small enough for infrequent use, while well made to last me a while. I specifically looked for MS 261 with manual carburetor. Despite most forums stating the new M-models are quite reliable, I wanted to have an ability to manually adjust the saw without needing to have a special computer. Simplicity was the key! Dealer near me had a MS 261 saw. I shopped in early 2023, and I think the saw he had was made around 2021. I did not care, it was brand new and exactly what I needed. So far, I used it maybe 5 times. The saw starts right away. About 2 pulls with choke activated, then another 2 pulls to start. Sometimes when it is semi-warm, it would start without choke, will run, but stall on throttle. Which would require the standard starting procedure with great success. Then I learned when I do semi-warm start without choke, to let the saw idle before throttling, and it would not stall anymore. So far, I am very impressed. I hope for decades of good use out of it!

May 14, 2023

Great Overall Chainsaw

I was trained on this model with a Disaster Response team and I knew I had to purchase a MS 261. I wasn't disappointed. I immediately set out to cut trees and it performed awesome. This chainsaw will always start and cuts quickly and you always feel in control. The dealer was informative and provided excellent guidance on this model. I look forward to many years with my MS 261.