Stihl MS 362 R C-M

Stihl MS 362 R C-M

Stihl MS 362 R C-M

Stihl MS 362 R C-M

Stihl MS 362 R C-M
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The STIHL MS 362 R C-M professional chainsaw is designed to help you save both time and money with its fuel-efficient engine technology that produces low emissions. Compared to previous models, this chainsaw uses up to 20% less fuel and has a pre-separation air filtration system that reduces the frequency of filter changes and allows for longer run times. The advanced anti-vibration system also ensures comfortable use during extended periods of time for various applications, such as logging, thinning, arborwork, and large woodcutting jobs. With 70% lower emissions than previous models, the MS 362 R C-M is an excellent choice for serious users and professionals.

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Hillside farm
April 1, 2023

Stihl equipment gets the job done year after year

It's funny, got a email from Stihl today saying I have owned a Stihl for a year now, asking me to leave a review. I actually purchased my first first 034 chainsaw 28 years ago, that thing still runs as good as the day I bought it, over the last 3 years I added a MS362 &MS170 chainsaws and anither FS131 brush cutter. All of these are amazing machines that start great, and have the needed power to maintain our 25 acres. Proven quality year after year.

April 2, 2023

Great Lightweight Felling Saw

I bought this saw last fall to fell trees on my property. Since then I have felled and bucked several maple and fir trees up to 28 inches in diameter. The saw is a pleasure to use with the wrap handle and I am satisfied with the performance. This is my first m-tronic saw. I have had no issues and the saw stays in tune. Recently, I used the saw with an edging mill attachment to make lumber out of some of the trees I felled with the saw. With the 25 inch lightweight bar, this is a great mid sized saw that weighs just a little more then my 271 farm boss with a 20 inch bar. The pro series saws are more expensive but worth it for the weight savings and increase in power if you frequently use saws like I do.

David H
April 3, 2023

Powerful, light and well balanced

This baddog replaced my 62cc 036 that I had for 25 years. Looking forward to another 25 years with this 59cc 362.

April 4, 2023

A solid, powerful saw that's easy to handle.

I have had my 362 with a wrap handle now for a year. This was an upgrade to my 30 year old 028 AV Super (which I still use for small stuff.) Seems to weigh the same, but cuts so much faster. (3/8 chain vs. .325). No problem starting, even in 0 degree temperatures.The cost was a little painful, but I'm over that now and very happy with the saw.

April 5, 2023

Im really impressed with the Stihl MS362C-M

I recently cut down a 36in. cottonwood tree. I had a 25" bar on the saw. And it ate through that tree like nothing.