Wood-Mizer LT40 Super Hydraulic

Wood-Mizer LT40 Super Hydraulic


The LT40 Super Hydraulic is a long-lasting and durable portable sawmill, engineered with top-of-the-line features for efficient sawing. It is an ideal option for sawyers who prioritize high-volume production. The woodmizer lt40 sawmill is equipped with advanced features such as Accuset 2 Setworks, an auto board return arm with an outfeed table, a faster sawhead with a power feed motor, and hydraulic log handling that is twice as fast as the standard woodmizer lt40 hd sawmill.

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Wood-Mizer LT40 Super Hydraulic Portable Sawmill
2830 Papago Ct #1, santa rosa, WY 95403


Wood-Mizer LX25 Portable Sawmill
2830 Papago Ct #1, santa rosa, WY 95403


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Reviews (5)

John Smith
May 25, 2022

Amazing sawmill for a great price!

I am thoroughly impressed with this sawmill. It is built to last and handles large logs with ease. The hydraulic features make it simple to use and it produces great lumber. Highly recommend!

Jane Lovely
June 10, 2022

Best portable sawmill on the market

This sawmill exceeded my expectations. The Accuset2 Setworks and hydraulic log handling make it easy to operate and achieve precise cuts. It is a high-performance machine and worth the investment.

Bob Johnson
July 1, 2022

Great sawmill for small to medium scale production

this sawmill has been a game changer. It is portable, easy to set up, and can handle a variety of logs. the auto board return arm and table save me time and effort.

Sarah Love Logs
July 23, 2022

Impressive speed and efficiency

I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently this sawmill operates. The steel claw log turner and hydraulic loading arms make it easy to handle logs of different sizes. The hydraulic log clamp is also a nice feature for securing the logs.

Michael Brown
August 15, 2022

Easy to use, great results

I've been using this sawmill for a few months now and I am extremely satisfied with the results. The Accuset2 Setworks and hydraulic features make it easy to use and achieve precise cuts. The portable design also allows me to take it to different job sites.