Makita 36V (18V X2) LXT 10″ Dual‑Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review


Enter the Makita XSL04PTU 36V (18V X2) LXT 10″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Kit – a testament to cutting-edge innovation and unwavering performance. This formidable tool represents the pinnacle of Makita’s commitment to providing professionals and enthusiasts with a reliable solution for intricate miter and bevel cuts. Harnessing the power of dual 18V batteries, this 36V powerhouse not only delivers exceptional cutting capacity but also boasts the convenience of cordless freedom. As we delve into the features and capabilities of the Makita XSL04PTU, it becomes evident that this miter saw is more than just a tool; it’s a game-changer that empowers craftsmen to elevate their projects to new heights.

What You Need To Know About Makita XSL04PTU

Makita Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw in Use

The Makita XSL04PTU 36V (18V X2) LXT 10″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Kit is a versatile and powerful tool designed for woodworking and construction professionals. Powered by two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries, it combines the advantages of 36V power with the flexibility of the 18V LXT platform. The BL Brushless Motor operates at 4,400 RPM, ensuring efficient and rapid cuts, complemented by Automatic Speed Change technology for optimized performance under varying loads. The Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS) enables cordless communication with an optional dust extractor, enhancing convenience. With a 2-steel rail sliding system and in-front bevel lock, precision and ease of use are paramount. The saw boasts an impressive cutting capacity, handling up to 6-5/8″ crown, 5-1/4″ base vertically, and crosscutting a 4×12 at 90°. The comprehensive kit includes two 18V LXT® 5.0Ah batteries, a dual-port rapid charger, a blade, a wireless unit, a dust bag, a vertical clamp, a wrench, and a triangle – making the Makita XSL04PTU the go-to choice for the top-tier miter saw performance.

Technical Specifications

No Load Speed4,400 RPM
Battery2X 18V LXT Lithium-Ion
Weight60.2 lbs.
Voltage‎36 Volts
Amperage‎5 Amps
Dimensions (LxWxH)31-3/4″ x 25-3/8″ x 26″

Key Features

  • Powerful Performance: Powered by two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries, providing a total of 36V power for efficient and reliable cutting.
  • BL Brushless Motor: The efficient brushless motor delivers up to 4,400 RPM for fast and smooth cutting, with increased run time, power, and tool life.
  • Automatic Speed Change Technology: Adjusts cutting speed and torque under load for optimal performance.
  • Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS): Incorporates Bluetooth technology for wireless communication between the saw and an optional dust extractor, eliminating cords and reducing noise.
  • 2-Steel Rail Sliding System: Unique design offering single slide-glide operation for precise and accurate cutting.
  • In-Front Bevel Lock: Conveniently located for easy access and quick adjustments from 0° to 48° (left and right)
  • Dual Dust Collection Ports: Provides excellent dust extraction performance for a cleaner workspace.
  • Versatile Miter and Bevel Settings: Miter range of 0° to 60° left and right, with positive stops at key angles, and a bevel range of 0° to 48° (left and right).
  • Large Aluminum Base: Improves the stability of cutting stock for more efficient cutting.
  • Star Protection Computer Controls™: Enhances tool performance and battery life by exchanging real-time data to protect against overloading, over-discharging, and overheating.
  • Fast Charging: Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries have fast charge times, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Brushless Motor Technology: Eliminates carbon brushes, resulting in cooler and more efficient motor operation for extended tool life.

Design and Build Quality

Makita’s commitment to precision is prominently displayed in the thoughtful design of the XSL04PTU. The incorporation of a 2-steel rail sliding system and an in-front bevel lock doesn’t just ensure accuracy in every cut but also facilitates user-friendly adjustments. This meticulous attention to detail empowers woodworkers with the tools they need for precise and efficient craftsmanship. Moreover, the inclusion of a large aluminum base not only enhances stability during operation but also contributes to the overall durability of the saw.

Makita Miter Saw in Workshop with Dust Bag

Makita’s XSL04PTU not only excels in precision but also addresses users’ diverse needs with its compact design. This intentional space-saving feature allows the saw to fit snugly against a wall, proving advantageous for those operating in smaller workshops. This thoughtful approach to design showcases Makita’s commitment not only to cutting-edge capabilities but also to enhancing user convenience and efficiency in woodworking tasks.

Performance and Efficiency

This miter saw goes beyond mere aesthetics; it backs up its appearance with exceptional performance. At the heart of its efficiency is the BL Brushless Motor, guaranteeing not just swift cuts but also an extended tool lifespan. Makita’s dedication to durability and longevity is evident in the thoughtful inclusion of this motor, ensuring users can rely on the tool for consistent and reliable performance over the long term.

Person Using Makita Miter Saw in Workshop

Moreover, the incorporation of Automatic Speed Change technology elevates the saw’s adaptability. This innovative feature dynamically adjusts cutting speed and torque in response to varying loads, showcasing Makita’s commitment to optimizing efficiency during operation. Paired with the direct-drive gearbox, which ensures a consistent delivery of power, every cut becomes a seamless and efficient process. The combination of these features not only enhances the saw’s overall performance but also underscores Makita’s dedication to providing a miter saw that effortlessly meets the demands of precision and reliability in woodworking tasks.

Unleashing Precision

The XSL04PTU stands out as a precision powerhouse in the world of miter saws. With an extensive miter range of 0° to 60° and a bevel range of 0° to 48° on both sides, it offers impressive versatility. In my woodworking projects, the XSL04PTU proved to be a precision-oriented tool, effortlessly delivering accurate and finely tuned cuts. Its wide range of adjustment options caters to diverse project needs, providing flexibility for tackling various cutting angles with ease.

Makita Miter Saw with Laser Guide in Workshop

This commitment to precision is evident in features like positive stops at key angles and a built-in laser guide. These additions enhance the accuracy of the cutting process, making it not just efficient but also enjoyable. Navigating through different angles and measurements becomes a breeze, ensuring that each cut aligns perfectly with project requirements. The XSL04PTU, with its meticulous attention to detail and user-friendly precision features, redefines the woodworking experience by making precision cuts accessible and enjoyable.

Safety Features

When it comes to safety, Makita leaves no room for compromise. The incorporation of an electric brake, designed for swift stops, underscores the brand’s commitment to providing a miter saw that prioritizes user safety. This feature adds an extra layer of control to the operation, allowing users to halt the saw promptly, contributing to a safer and more secure working environment.

Close-Up of Blue and Black Makita Miter Saw

Furthermore, Makita’s dedication to safety is exemplified by the implementation of Star Protection Computer Controls. This innovative technology facilitates real-time data exchange between the tool and the battery during use. By constantly monitoring conditions and sharing information, this system acts as a safeguard against potential hazards, including overloading, over-discharging, and overheating. Makita’s proactive approach to safety features in the XSL04PTU ensures users can engage in their woodworking tasks with the confidence that their well-being is prioritized.


Versatility is a defining trait of the XSL04PTU. Its impressive cutting capacity allows it to handle a variety of applications, from crown molding to baseboard cuts. Crosscutting a 4×12 at 90° is a testament to its capability, making it a valuable tool for diverse woodworking and construction projects. Here are some of the key applications where this miter saw excels:

  1. Crown Molding Installation: The saw’s ability to cut up to 6-5/8″ nested crown molding vertically makes it an ideal choice for carpenters and contractors involved in crown molding installations.
  2. Baseboard and Trim Work: With a vertical cutting capacity of 5-1/4″ for baseboards and a wide miter range, this miter saw is well-suited for precision cutting in baseboard and trim work.
  3. Framing Projects: The saw’s capacity to crosscut a 4×12 at 90° makes it a reliable tool for framing projects, allowing users to make accurate and efficient cuts in framing lumber.
  4. Woodworking and Cabinetry: Woodworkers and cabinet makers benefit from the precision and versatility of the XSL04PTU, especially when crafting intricate pieces that require bevel and miter adjustments.
  5. Deck Building: For professionals involved in deck construction, this miter saw’s capacity and precision are advantageous for cutting deck boards and framing materials accurately.
  6. Furniture Building: Whether cutting angled joints, beveled edges, or various woodworking components, the miter saw is an asset in furniture building, offering the accuracy needed for high-quality craftsmanship.
  7. General Carpentry: The XSL04PTU is a go-to tool for a wide range of carpentry tasks, including cutting boards, planks, and other materials with precision and efficiency.
  8. DIY Home Improvement: Homeowners engaged in DIY projects, such as installing flooring, building shelves, or making custom cuts for home renovations, will find the XSL04PTU user-friendly and capable.

The diverse applications of the Makita XSL04PTU make it a valuable tool for professionals and hobbyists alike, offering the precision and power required for a wide array of woodworking projects.

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is often overlooked, but Makita makes it easy. The brushless motor eliminates carbon brushes, reducing wear and tear. The efficient dust collection system keeps the workspace clean, contributing to the overall ease of maintenance. Here are my tips for maintaining and getting the best out of your XSL04PTU:

  1. Regular Cleaning Ritual: Treat your XSL04PTU to a regular cleaning session. Dust and debris can accumulate over time, affecting performance. I usually give it a good wipe down after each use and a more thorough cleaning session when I notice a bit more buildup.
  2. Blade Care Matters: The blade is the heart of the saw, so I make it a point to keep it sharp. Regularly inspect the blade for any signs of wear or dullness. If needed, take the time to sharpen or replace it for cleaner and more efficient cuts.
  3. Lubricate Moving Parts: The XSL04PTU has moving parts that benefit from a bit of lubrication. I apply a small amount of lubricant to the rails and other moving components to ensure smooth operation.
  4. Battery Love: Since this miter saw is powered by two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries, I pay special attention to the batteries. Regularly charge them, and if I know I won’t be using the saw for a while, I store the batteries in a cool, dry place to maintain their health.
  5. Adjust and Align: I regularly check and adjust the alignment of the saw. This includes ensuring the fence is square and that the miter and bevel angles are accurate. A quick alignment check before a project can save a lot of headaches later.
  6. Mind the Dust Collection: The XSL04PTU comes with a dust collection system, and I’ve found that keeping it clear ensures a cleaner workspace and better visibility of the cut. Empty the dust bag or connect it to a vacuum for optimal performance.
  7. Storage Considerations: When not in use, I store my XSL04PTU in a dry and secure place. If I know I won’t be using it for an extended period, I cover it to protect it from dust and potential environmental elements.
  8. Respect the Limits: While this saw can handle a variety of tasks, it’s important to respect its limits. Don’t push it beyond its capacity, especially with tough materials. This not only preserves the saw but also ensures your safety.

Remember, a well-maintained tool is a happy and efficient tool. Taking a little time for regular upkeep goes a long way in ensuring that the Makita XSL04PTU remains your go-to companion for precision cuts and woodworking projects.

Price and Value for Money

Quality tools are a smart investment, and the XSL04PTU is a prime example. While it may cost more initially, its comprehensive kit, advanced features, and cutting-edge technology make it a lasting and worthwhile investment. More than just a tool, the XSL04PTU is a complete solution with accessories that add overall value. For serious woodworkers and professionals looking for durability and performance, the XSL04PTU’s upfront cost pays off with enhanced productivity, precision, and versatility.

Makita Miter Saw on Workshop Bench

Beyond its price, the XSL04PTU reflects Makita’s commitment to enduring tools. With advanced features contributing to efficiency, it’s an attractive option for those seeking long-term companions in their woodworking journey. In the world of quality tools, the XSL04PTU stands out as a wise investment, assuring lasting value and performance for those prioritizing excellence in their craft.

Is it Worth it to Buy?

Undoubtedly, investing in the Makita XSL04PTU is a wise decision. As a woodworking enthusiast, I’ve experienced firsthand its exceptional blend of power, precision, and cordless convenience. Suitable for professionals and dedicated DIYers alike, this miter saw delivers unmatched performance and reliability in the market.

Person Using Makita Miter Saw in Workshop

With robust power and precise cutting capabilities, the XSL04PTU caters to a variety of projects, providing a versatile tool for woodworking tasks. Its cordless operation adds flexibility to the overall woodworking experience, making it a reliable and standout choice for both professional tasks and DIY projects, making it a valuable addition to any workshop.

Pros and Cons


  • Direct-Drive Gearbox: The saw features a direct-drive gearbox with a soft start, providing smoother start-ups and consistent, constant power without the need for belts.
  • Increased Vertical Cutting Capacity: The innovative direct-drive gearbox and guard system are engineered to deliver an increased vertical cutting capacity of 5-1/4″, allowing for versatile cutting applications.
  • Large-Sized Aluminum Base: The saw is equipped with a large aluminum base, enhancing the stability of cutting stock for more efficient and precise cuts, particularly useful when working with larger materials.
  • Electric Brake: The electric brake feature adds convenience, allowing for quicker stops and increased safety during operation.
  • Built-In Laser Guide: The built-in laser indicates the line of cut, providing a visual guide for increased accuracy whether the blade is in motion or not.


  • Weight: With a net weight of 60.2 lbs. (with battery), the Makita XSL04PTU is relatively heavy, which may pose challenges for users who need to transport the tool frequently.
  • Price: As a high-performance and feature-rich miter saw, the Makita XSL04PTU may come with a higher price tag compared to some competing models in the market.
  • Additional Dust Collection Accessories: While the saw includes a dust bag for dust collection, users may need to purchase a vacuum separately for enhanced dust extraction capabilities, adding to the overall cost.
  • Limited Bevel Range: While the miter range is extensive, the bevel range is limited to 0° to 48° (left and right). Users requiring extreme bevel angles beyond this range may find it restrictive.
  • Size and Storage: The saw’s dimensions (31-3/4″ x 25-3/8″ x 26″) may require adequate storage space, which could be a consideration for users with limited workshop or storage areas.

Comparison Table

FeaturesMakita XSL04PTUMilwaukee 2734-21HD
Power Source36V (18V X2) LXT CordlessM18 FUEL Cordless
Blade Size10 inches10 inches
MotorBL Brushless MotorPOWERSTATE Brushless Motor
Battery Type18V LXT Lithium-IonM18 REDLITHIUM HIGH DEMAND 9.0 Battery
Battery LifeTwo 18V LXT 5.0Ah batteriesUp to 400 cuts per charge with one 9.0Ah battery
Vertical Cutting Capacity (Baseboard)5-5/8 inches5-3/4 inches
Vertical Cutting Capacity (Nested Crown)4-3/4 inches5-1/4 inches
Horizontal Cutting Capacity (90°)4×12 inches2×12 inches
Bevel Range0° to 48° (left and right)48° (left and right)
Miter Range0° to 60° (left and right)50°/60° (left and right)
Weight82.6 lbs45 lbs
Additional FeaturesAuto-Start Wireless System, AWS® (Bluetooth)Shadow Cut Line Indicator, Detent Override, Easy Blade Change
Warranty3-Year Limited Warranty5-Year Tool Warranty
Average Price$1,138.94 to $1,239.00$798.00 to $843.99

Milwaukee 2734-21HD M18 FUEL 10″ Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Kit

The Milwaukee 2734-21HD M18 FUEL 10″ Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Kit stands as a powerhouse designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional carpenters and remodelers. Powered by the efficient POWERSTATE Brushless Motor and utilizing the M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH DEMAND 9.0 Battery, this cordless miter saw delivers corded cutting performance with up to 400 cuts per charge. Boasting a substantial vertical cutting capacity of 5-3/4 inches against the fence and 5-1/4 inches for nested crown, it provides versatility for various applications. The innovative features, including the Shadow Cut Line Indicator, Detent Override, and Easy Blade Change, enhance operational convenience. Weighing in at 45 lbs, it prioritizes portability without compromising on power, making it an excellent choice for professionals seeking a reliable and efficient cordless miter saw. With a 5-Year Tool Warranty, the Milwaukee 2734-21HD offers durability and performance for users who value both precision and mobility in their woodworking endeavors.

Comparative Analysis

In weighing the Makita XSL04PTU against the Milwaukee 2734-21HD, both cordless miter saws present compelling features for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals alike. The Makita, equipped with a robust BL Brushless Motor and Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS®), stands out for its cordless versatility and precision adjustments. On the other hand, the Milwaukee boasts the POWERSTATE Brushless Motor and the capability of up to 400 cuts per charge with its M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH DEMAND 9.0 Battery, emphasizing power and endurance.

Examining the specifics, the Makita offers slightly larger cutting capacities, but at the cost of a heavier build at 82.6 lbs compared to the Milwaukee’s 45 lbs, enhancing the latter’s portability. Each model excels in different areas, with the Makita providing advanced features and the Milwaukee emphasizing power and portability.

Considering the average prices, the Makita ranges from $1,138.94 to $1,239.00, while the Milwaukee falls within the $798.00 to $843.99 range. The price variation aligns with the Makita’s additional features and higher cutting capacities.

In summary, the choice between the Makita XSL04PTU and the Milwaukee 2734-21HD hinges on individual priorities. If cordless convenience and advanced features are paramount, the Makita is a commendable investment. Conversely, for those prioritizing a powerful brushless motor and enhanced portability, the Milwaukee offers an attractive alternative. Both models cater to specific needs, providing woodworkers with versatile options within their respective price ranges.

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Final Verdict

In my experience, the Makita XSL04PTU 36V (18V X2) LXT 10″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Kit has significantly transformed my woodworking endeavors. Beyond being a mere tool, it stands as a valuable investment in achieving precision, optimizing efficiency, and amplifying the overall enjoyment of woodworking. The integration of advanced features, meticulous design, and the established reputation of the Makita brand solidifies its position as my top recommendation for individuals deeply committed to their craft.


  1. Is the Makita XSL04PTU suitable for both professional carpenters and DIY enthusiasts?
    Absolutely! The Makita XSL04PTU is designed to cater to the needs of both professional carpenters and avid DIY enthusiasts. Its powerful motor, precision features, and cordless convenience make it versatile for a wide range of woodworking projects.
  2. How does the Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS) enhance the user experience?
    The AWS allows for wireless communication between the saw and an optional dust extractor, providing a cordless and quieter operation. It eliminates the hassle of cords, contributing to a cleaner workspace and a more pleasant working environment.
  3. Can the XSL04PTU handle intricate bevel cuts for detailed woodworking projects?
    Absolutely! With a bevel range of 0° to 48° (left and right), the XSL04PTU is well-suited for intricate bevel cuts. The in-front bevel lock ensures easy access and quick adjustments, making it ideal for detailed woodworking tasks.
  4. What sets the XSL04PTU apart in terms of safety features?
    The saw prioritizes safety with an electric brake for quick stops and Star Protection Computer Controls that enable real-time data exchange between the tool and battery. This technology safeguards against overloading, over-discharging, and overheating during use.
  5. How does the direct-drive gearbox contribute to the saw’s performance?
    The direct-drive gearbox ensures smoother start-ups and consistent, constant power without the need for belts to slip or replace. This feature enhances the overall performance of the saw, providing efficiency and reliability in every cut.
  6. Can I use the XSL04PTU for cutting larger materials like crown molding?
    Certainly! The XSL04PTU boasts an impressive cutting capacity, handling up to 6-5/8″ crown molding (vertically nested) and 5-1/4″ baseboard vertically. Its ability to crosscut a 4×12 at 90° showcases its suitability for larger materials.
  7. What kind of battery technology does the XSL04PTU use, and how does it affect performance?
    The XSL04PTU utilizes 18V Lithium-Ion batteries with the innovative X2 LXT® technology. This not only delivers more power and speed but also contributes to extended run time without the constraints of a cord, making it a powerful and versatile tool.
  8. Is the XSL04PTU compatible with other Makita 18V batteries, and does it have fast charging capabilities?
    Yes, the XSL04PTU is part of Makita’s expanding 18V Lithium-Ion system, and it is compatible with other Makita 18V LXT and Compact Lithium-Ion batteries with the star symbol. The included dual-port rapid charger ensures faster charge times, minimizing downtime and keeping you productive.

As we conclude our look at the Makita XSL04PTU 36V (18V X2) LXT 10″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Kit, it’s evident that this tool is a game-changer for woodworkers and professionals. Makita’s dedication to cutting-edge technology and precision engineering shines through in every feature. Whether you’re drawn to its cordless versatility, impressed by the BL Brushless Motor, or need a reliable tool, the XSL04PTU delivers. It’s an investment in craftsmanship, efficiency, and the joy of creating. For woodworking that demands innovation and precision, the Makita XSL04PTU stands out.

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