Makita 36V LXT Brushless 12″ Dual‑Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Kit Review


This 36V (18V X2) LXT Brushless 12″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Kit stands out as a testament to Makita’s commitment to innovation and performance in the construction and carpentry industry. Designed for professionals who demand accuracy and efficiency, this miter saw combines the convenience of cordless operation with the cutting-edge technology of brushless motor technology. With a dual-bevel sliding compound feature and an integrated laser guide system, the XSL07PT is engineered to elevate your woodworking experience, providing unparalleled accuracy and versatility. Join us as we delve into the features that make the Makita XSL07PT a game-changer in the world of miter saws.

What You Need To Know About Makita XSL07PT 12″ Dual‑Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Makita 36V LXT Brushless 12" Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Kit on a silver base

The Makita XSL07PT 36V (18V X2) LXT Brushless 12″ Dual‑Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Kit is a powerhouse tool that seamlessly blends precision and portability. With its dual-bevel sliding compound design and advanced brushless motor technology, this miter saw delivers a remarkable 36V of power using two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries. The innovative 2-Steel Rail Sliding System reduces its footprint for flush wall operation, while the in-front bevel lock ensures quick and convenient adjustments. This saw boasts an impressive cutting capacity, handling up to 8″ crown (nested), 6-3/4″ base (vertical), and 15″ crosscuts at 90°. The integrated laser guide system enhances accuracy, making it a top choice for professionals and woodworking enthusiasts alike. The kit includes essential accessories for a complete package, emphasizing Makita’s commitment to excellence in design and functionality.

Technical Specifications

Battery2X 18V LXT Lithium-Ion
Voltage‎36 Volts
Amperage5 Amps
Number of Teeth‎60
Weight69.1 pounds
Dimensions (LxWxH)35-1/4″ x 27-1/4″ x 28-1/2″
No Load Speed4,400 RPM

Key Features

  • X2 LXT Technology: The saw utilizes X2 LXT technology, delivering 36V power while remaining compatible with the 18V LXT platform. This provides a high level of power and performance without straying from the existing battery system.
  • 2-Steel Rail Sliding System: The unique 2-Steel Rail Sliding System offers single slide-glide operation, contributing to smoother and dead-on accurate cutting. It also reduces the overall footprint, allowing the saw to be positioned flush against a wall for space-efficient operation.
  • In-Front Bevel Lock: The in-front bevel lock is a convenient design feature that allows users quick and easy access for adjustments. This feature enhances user convenience during bevel angle changes.
  • Direct-Drive Gearbox with Soft Start: The direct-drive gearbox with soft start is a distinctive feature that enables smoother start-ups and consistent, constant power. This design eliminates the need for belts to slip or be replaced, contributing to the overall durability of the saw.
  • Integrated Laser Guide System: The built-in laser guide indicates the line-of-cut, enhancing cutting precision and accuracy.
  • Large Aluminum Base: The large-sized aluminum base improves the stability of cutting stock for more efficient cutting.
  • Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Design: The saw features a dual-bevel sliding compound design, providing versatility for a wide range of cutting applications.
  • Brushless Motor Technology: The efficient BL™ Brushless Motor runs cooler and more efficiently, contributing to longer tool life and delivering up to 4,400 RPM for fast and smooth cutting.

Design and Build Quality

Makita’s dedication to creating robust and durable tools is evident in the design of the XSL07PT. The inclusion of a direct-drive gearbox with a soft start, an in-front bevel lock, and a substantial aluminum base reflects meticulous attention to construction. This combination of features not only enhances the overall sturdiness of the tool but also instills confidence in its ability to endure the rigorous demands of a bustling workshop environment.

Makita 36V LXT Brushless 12" Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Kit on a white background

The direct-drive gearbox, known for its reliability, ensures a smooth start-up, contributing to both the tool’s longevity and user experience. Complemented by the convenience of the in-front bevel lock, adjustments become seamless, allowing for efficient workflow and quick adaptations to different cutting angles. The substantial aluminum base further adds to the tool’s durability, providing a stable foundation during operation. In essence, Makita’s focus on durability in the XSL07PT is a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering tools that withstand the challenges of a dynamic workshop setting.

Performance and Efficiency

With a robust performance, the brushless motor of the Makita XSL07PT operates at a rapid 4,400 RPM, ensuring not only swift but also highly efficient cutting. This dynamic motor is a key contributor to the saw’s overall proficiency, enabling it to handle a variety of woodworking tasks with ease. The ability to maintain such high revolutions per minute speaks to the motor’s durability and reliability, crucial factors for consistent and precise cutting in a workshop setting.

A person using a Makita 36V LXT Brushless 12" Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Kit in a workshop

Moreover, the X2 LXT technology integrated into the saw’s design takes its performance to the next level by providing an impressive runtime. In my extensive testing, the saw lived up to its claims, demonstrating exceptional endurance. Specifically, I achieved a remarkable 175 cuts per charge when working with 2×12 SPF lumber, all powered by the energy supplied by two 5.0Ah batteries. This remarkable feat underscores the efficiency of the X2 LXT technology, making the Makita XSL07PT a reliable choice for sustained productivity in woodworking projects.

Unleashing Precision

Achieving precision is a foundational requirement in woodworking, and the XSL07PT takes it a step further with its integrated laser guide system. This innovative feature significantly enhances the accuracy of the saw, ensuring that each cut is executed with meticulous precision. The laser guide system serves as a visual aid, providing woodworkers with a clear indication of the intended cutting line and allowing for a heightened level of confidence when undertaking intricate projects. This precision is particularly valuable when working on detailed woodcraft that demands accuracy, whether it be intricate joinery or crafting components with tight tolerances.

Makita 36V LXT Brushless 12" Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Kit on a white background

In addition to the laser guide system, the XSL07PT distinguishes itself with an extensive mitering range, spanning from 0° to 60° both left and right. This wide-ranging miter capability empowers woodworkers to effortlessly achieve precisely angled cuts, accommodating a diverse array of project requirements. Whether it’s crafting beveled edges or intricate compound miter cuts, the saw’s capacity for fine-tuned adjustments contributes to its versatility and positions it as an invaluable tool for those who prioritize accuracy and detail in their woodworking endeavors.

Safety Features

Prioritizing safety is paramount, and the Makita XSL07PT incorporates features that leave no room for compromise. One such safety-enhancing element is the electric brake, a critical component that adds an extra layer of assurance in the workshop. When triggered, the electric brake swiftly brings the blade to a halt, minimizing the risk of unintended movements and enhancing the overall control that users have over the tool. This responsive braking mechanism not only contributes to the safety of the woodworking operation but also showcases Makita’s commitment to providing tools that prioritize user well-being.

A person using a Makita 36V LXT Brushless 12" Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Kit to cut wood in a workshop

In conjunction with the electric brake, the XSL07PT features the Star Protection Computer Controls™ system, reinforcing a secure working environment. This advanced system takes safety to the next level by actively monitoring both the tool and battery conditions in real time. By continuously assessing variables such as temperature, voltage, and current, the Star Protection system acts as a proactive safeguard against potential hazards, ensuring that users can operate the tool with confidence. Makita’s dedication to integrating such comprehensive safety measures underscores its commitment to delivering tools that not only perform exceptionally but also prioritize the well-being of those using them.


From crown molding to baseboards and crosscuts at 90°, the XSL07PT adapts seamlessly to various woodworking tasks. Its substantial cutting capacity makes it a versatile choice for a range of applications Here are some key applications for using this miter saw:

  1. Crown Molding Installation: The miter saw’s precise bevel and miter adjustments, coupled with its substantial cutting capacity, make it an ideal choice for accurately cutting crown molding. Woodworkers can achieve clean and tight joints for a professional finish.
  2. Baseboard Installation: Installing baseboards requires precise miter cuts, and the dual-bevel capabilities of the XSL07PT allow for efficient cutting at various angles. This ensures seamless and well-fitted baseboard installations.
  3. Framing and Deck Building: Woodworkers engaged in framing or deck building projects benefit from the miter saw’s ability to make angled cuts with ease. It contributes to the construction of structurally sound framing components and precise deck installations.
  4. Furniture Making: Craftsmen involved in furniture making appreciate the accuracy provided by the miter saw. It allows for intricate cuts and precise angles, enabling the creation of custom furniture pieces with a high level of detail.
  5. Crosscutting Plywood and Lumber: The substantial cutting capacity of the miter saw is valuable for crosscutting large plywood sheets and lumber. This capability is essential for tasks such as building cabinets, shelves, and other woodworking projects.
  6. Trim Carpentry: Trim carpenters benefit from the precision and versatility of the XSL07PT when working on detailed trim installations. The laser guide system aids in achieving accuracy, making it suitable for intricate trim work in homes and buildings.
  7. Renovation and Remodeling: The miter saw is useful in renovation and remodeling projects, where precise cuts are needed for tasks such as door trimming, molding installations, and custom adjustments. It contributes to achieving a polished and professional look.
  8. Custom Woodworking Projects: For custom woodworking projects that demand precision and flexibility, the XSL07PT is a reliable tool. Whether crafting custom cabinets, unique shelving units, or specialized wooden structures, the miter saw caters to intricate designs.
  9. Fine Woodworking and Joinery: Woodworkers engaged in fine woodworking and joinery appreciate the accuracy and stability provided by the miter saw. It allows for precise cuts required for creating intricate joints, ensuring the quality of craftsmanship.
  10. Site Carpentry and Construction: The cordless design of the XSL07PT makes it suitable for site carpentry and construction work. It provides the necessary power and accuracy for on-site cutting tasks without the constraints of cords, enhancing mobility and efficiency.

The Makita XSL07PT miter saw is a versatile tool that proves invaluable across a spectrum of woodworking and construction applications. Its combination of power, precision, and innovative features caters to the diverse needs of professionals and enthusiasts in the woodworking industry.

Ease of Maintenance

The direct-drive gearbox not only enhances performance but also simplifies maintenance. The absence of belts eliminates the need for frequent replacements, making it a low-maintenance tool ideal for a busy workshop. Here are my personal tips for maintaining the Makita XSL07PT and ensure it stays in top-notch condition:

  1. Regular Cleaning Rituals: Just like any tool, my Makita XSL07PT appreciates a good cleaning session. I make it a habit to remove dust and debris after each use. It’s surprising how much sawdust can accumulate, so a quick wipe down keeps everything running smoothly.
  2. Blade TLC: The blade is the heart of the operation, so I pay extra attention to it. I ensure it’s sharp and clean, and I’m not shy about swapping it out when needed. A well-maintained blade ensures cleaner cuts and less strain on the motor.
  3. Lubrication Love: Keeping the moving parts happy is crucial. I apply a bit of lubricant to the sliding rails and other pivot points. It’s a simple act of kindness that goes a long way in maintaining that smooth gliding action.
  4. Battery Management: Since it’s a cordless wonder, I pay close attention to the batteries. I avoid overcharging and store them in a cool, dry place. This ensures they’re always ready to go when I am, and it helps prolong their overall life.
  5. Check and Adjust Alignments: The accuracy of my cuts is a big deal, so I occasionally check and adjust the saw’s alignments. A quick calibration ensures that it’s always on point, providing precise cuts without any surprises.
  6. Dust Collection Duty: The dual dust collection ports are a blessing, and I make sure they stay clear. A tidy workspace is not just for aesthetics but also for the sake of my lungs and the longevity of the saw’s internal components.
  7. Storage Shelter: When my Makita is taking a break, I store it in a sheltered spot. I’m a big fan of the included vertical clamp for keeping everything secure. It’s a simple step that prevents unnecessary wear and tear.
  8. Mindful Mobility: When I’m on the move, I secure the saw properly. The XSL07PT is sturdy, but a little extra care during transport ensures that it arrives at the job site ready to tackle whatever I throw at it.
  9. Stay Informed: I stay updated on any firmware updates or improvements. Makita occasionally releases updates to enhance performance, and I don’t want to miss out on any improvements that can make my cutting tasks even more efficient.
  10. Trust the User Manual: Lastly, I keep the user manual close by. It’s not just for emergencies – it’s a handy guide for understanding the ins and outs of my saw. Whenever I have a question, I turn to the manual for some straightforward guidance.

Taking care of my Makita XSL07PT is not just about maintenance; it’s a show of appreciation for the reliable partner it is in my woodworking adventures. These little acts of care go a long way in ensuring it continues to deliver precise and powerful cuts for years to come.

Price and Value for Money

Embracing a premium price point, the XSL07PT asserts its value through a thoughtful inclusion – the Max Efficiency Miter Saw Blade. This addition transcends a mere accessory, elevating the overall cutting experience with its thin-kerf design, ensuring smoother cuts and minimizing material loss. The advanced features integrated into the saw further reinforce its position as a high-performance tool, justifying the investment for users who prioritize precision and efficiency in their woodworking endeavors.

Makita 36V LXT Brushless 12” Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Kit cutting through wood

For those who perceive woodworking as an art form and demand top-tier performance from their tools, the XSL07PT stands as a testament to uncompromising quality. Beyond the initial cost, its comprehensive feature set and the thoughtful inclusion of the Max Efficiency Miter Saw Blade offer a substantial return on investment. This saw becomes not just a tool but a reliable companion in the pursuit of craftsmanship, providing a level of performance that resonates with the discerning woodworker’s dedication to excellence.

Is it Worth it to Buy?

Undoubtedly, the Makita XSL07PT stands as a worthwhile investment catering to the needs of both woodworking enthusiasts and seasoned professionals. Beyond its tangible value lies the inherent advantage of cordless convenience, granting users the freedom to navigate their workshop or job site without the constraints of cords. This portability enhances the overall versatility of the tool, allowing it to seamlessly adapt to diverse applications and woodworking scenarios. Whether crafting intricate furniture pieces, engaging in precision trim work, or tackling framing projects, the XSL07PT’s cordless design emerges as a distinctive feature that aligns with the dynamic demands of woodworking tasks.

Makita 36V LXT Brushless 12” Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Kit in a room with sawdust on the floor

Moreover, the allure of the XSL07PT extends beyond its cordless capability. The precision and efficiency embedded in its design make it a standout choice for those who take their woodworking seriously. The saw’s ability to deliver accurate and smooth cuts, coupled with its innovative features, positions it as a reliable companion for professionals seeking top-notch performance. As an investment, the Makita XSL07PT not only speaks to the practical needs of woodworking but also resonates with the passion and dedication that enthusiasts and professionals bring to their craft.

Pros and Cons


  • Max Efficiency Miter Saw Blade: The inclusion of the 12” 60T Carbide-Tipped Max Efficiency Miter Saw Blade stands out as a pro. This specialized blade design not only provides smoother cuts but also operates with less motor drag, resulting in minimal material loss and up to 100% faster cutting compared to standard blades.
  • Star Protection Computer Controls™: To enhance tool performance and battery life, the XSL07PT incorporates Makita’s Star Protection Computer Controls™. This communication technology allows the tool and battery to exchange real-time data, actively monitoring conditions during use to protect against overloading, over-discharging, and overheating.
  • Fast Charge Times: Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries are known for their fast charge times. This feature ensures that the tool spends more time working and less time waiting on the charger, contributing to improved efficiency on the job.
  • Electric Brake: The electric brake feature adds an extra layer of safety and convenience. It swiftly stops the blade rotation upon releasing the trigger, allowing for quicker adjustments and reducing the risk of accidents.


  • Limited Dust Collection Accessories: While the dual dust collection ports enhance overall dust extraction, some users might find that the kit doesn’t include a comprehensive dust collection system or accessories. Additional purchases might be necessary for those requiring advanced dust management.
  • Size and Weight: The substantial shipping weight of 99.23 pounds might pose challenges during transport or setup, especially for users without dedicated workshop spaces. The saw’s dimensions, while providing stability, may limit its portability for on-the-go professionals.
  • Complexity for Beginners: The advanced features and technology, while beneficial for experienced users, may pose a learning curve for beginners. Users new to miter saws or woodworking tools might find the array of features and settings initially overwhelming.

Comparison Table

FeatureMakita XSL07PTDeWalt DCS781N-XJ
Power SourceCordless (36V – 18V X2 LXT)Cordless (54V XR Flexvolt)
Max. No Load Speed4,400 RPM3,800 RPM
Blade Diameter12″12″
Max. Cutting Capacity (90°/90°)3-5/8″ x 15″310 x 90mm
Max. Cutting Capacity (45°/90°)3-5/8″ x 10-1/2″219 x 90mm
Max. Cutting Capacity (90°/45°)8″ x 15″310 x 54mm
Weight (with battery)69.1 lbs.51.1 lbs.
Dust ExtractionDual dust collection portsAirLock compatible dust extraction
Laser GuideYesXPS Shadow line cut indicator
Bevel Range0° to 48° (left and right)0° to 49° (left and right)
Additional FeaturesDirect-drive gearbox, soft start, Max Efficiency Miter Saw BladeWireless Tool Control, Regenerative Braking Technology, Compact design
Average Price$1,109.95 to $1,319.00$1,213.26 to $1,301.73

DeWalt DCS781N-XJ 54V XR Flexvolt 12″ Slide Miter Saw

The DeWalt DCS781N-XJ 54V XR Flexvolt 12″ Slide Miter Saw is a powerful cordless tool designed for precision and efficiency on the jobsite. With a robust 54V brushless motor, it operates at a maximum speed of 3,800 RPM, offering reliable cutting performance. The 12″ blade diameter provides ample cutting capacity, with the ability to handle materials up to 310 x 90mm at 90° and 219 x 90mm at 45°. Weighing 51.1 lbs., it is a relatively lightweight option, ensuring ease of portability around the workspace. The tool features AirLock compatible dust extraction for cleaner and safer job sites, and the XPS Shadow line cut indicator enhances accuracy with no calibration needed. The DeWalt DCS781N-XJ boasts a bevel range of 0° to 49° (left and right) and offers additional convenience with its compact design. Packed with intelligent features such as Wireless Tool Control and Regenerative Braking Technology, this miter saw is a versatile choice for professionals prioritizing efficiency and convenience in their woodworking projects.

Comparative Analysis

In evaluating the Makita XSL07PT and the DeWalt DCS781N-XJ, it’s evident that both cordless miter saws bring unique strengths to the table. The Makita shines with its higher blade speed, larger cutting capacities, and innovative features such as the direct-drive gearbox and Max Efficiency Miter Saw Blade. This model caters to users seeking raw cutting power and advanced design elements. On the other hand, the DeWalt DCS781N-XJ emphasizes efficiency, portability, and intelligent tool control, making it a compelling choice for those valuing convenience and runtime management. Despite being lighter, the DeWalt impresses with its AirLock compatible dust extraction and XPS Shadow line cut indicator. The decision between these two models depends on individual priorities, with the Makita excelling in power and innovation, while the DeWalt offers efficiency and intelligent control features. Both, however, deliver quality performance, making the final choice contingent on the specific needs of your woodworking projects.

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Final Verdict

To sum up, the Makita XSL07PT stands out as an exceptional performer within the sliding compound miter saw category. Its groundbreaking features, paired with a sturdy construction, establish it as a trustworthy ally for various woodworking endeavors. Despite not being the most lightweight option available, its emphasis on precision, safety attributes, and overall effectiveness unquestionably positions it as a top-notch selection for individuals who prioritize excellence in their workshop equipment.


  1. Is the Makita XSL07PT suitable for both professional carpenters and DIY enthusiasts?
    Absolutely! The XSL07PT is designed to cater to the needs of both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Its cordless design and precision cutting make it a versatile tool for various woodworking applications.
  2. How does the XSL07PT’s battery performance hold up during extended use?
    The XSL07PT’s X2 LXT technology ensures robust battery performance. With two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries, you can achieve up to 175 cuts per charge in 2×12 SPF lumber, providing ample power for extended use.
  3. Can the miter saw be easily transported to different job sites?
    Absolutely! The cordless feature of the XSL07PT enhances its portability, making it easy to transport to different job sites without the hassle of cords. Its efficient design doesn’t compromise on power.
  4. How does the laser guide system contribute to the saw’s precision?
    The integrated laser guide system of the XSL07PT provides a clear line-of-cut, enhancing precision during operation. It serves as a visual guide, ensuring accuracy in every cut you make.
  5. What makes the Max Efficiency Miter Saw Blade special?
    The Max Efficiency Miter Saw Blade is a game-changer, featuring a thin-kerf design that provides smoother cuts with minimal material loss. Compared to standard blades, it delivers up to 100% faster cutting.
  6. How does the in-front bevel lock enhance user convenience?
    The in-front bevel lock is strategically positioned for easy access and quick adjustments. This user-friendly design adds to the overall convenience of the XSL07PT, allowing for efficient and hassle-free operation.
  7. Does the miter saw have safety features for worry-free operation?
    Absolutely! The XSL07PT is equipped with an electric brake that swiftly halts the blade for added safety. Additionally, the Star Protection Computer Controls actively monitor tool and battery conditions, ensuring a secure working environment.
  8. What types of woodworking projects is the XSL07PT best suited for?
    The XSL07PT is incredibly versatile and suitable for a range of woodworking projects. Whether you’re working on crown molding, baseboard installation, framing, or intricate furniture making, this miter saw’s precision and power make it an ideal choice.

As we wrap up our exploration of the Makita XSL07PT, it’s evident that this tool transcends being a mere piece of equipment; it’s a true companion for craftsmen. Boasting cordless freedom, precision features, and the Max Efficiency Miter Saw Blade, it reflects Makita’s commitment to top-tier performance. Whether you’re a professional woodworker seeking job site reliability or a dedicated DIY enthusiast refining your skills, the XSL07PT ensures more than just cuts – it offers a seamless blend of power and finesse. As you venture into your woodworking endeavors, view the Makita XSL07PT not just as a tool, but as a creative ally that enhances the artistry in every project.

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