Discover the Best 12 Hiking Boots of 2024: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide


Explore the best 12 hiking boots of 2024 with our guide. Find durable, comfortable picks for all terrains. Start your adventure right. Finding the right hiking boots is key to a great outdoor adventure. Our guide helps you pick the perfect boots for your hikes. We’ve tested and reviewed boots to give you the best options for any trail.

Discover the Best 12 Hiking Boots of 2024: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re walking on flat paths or climbing mountains, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find durable and comfortable boots that will make your next hike better.

List of Best 12 Hiking Boots of 2024

Why the Right Hiking Boots Matter?

A side-by-side comparison of a pair of tan work boots. The left image shows one boot from the side, and the right image shows both boots from a slightly angled front view. The person is standing amidst fallen leaves, suggesting an autumn or winter scene. Snowflakes can be seen falling in the background.

The foundation of a great hiking experience lies in your footwear. The right hiking boots offer protection against the elements and rugged terrains, reduce the risk of injuries, and provide crucial support for your feet and ankles. Key features to consider include:

  • Durability: To withstand harsh conditions.
  • Support: To stabilize your feet on uneven surfaces.
  • Comfort: To prevent blisters and discomfort on long treks.
  • Waterproofing: To keep your feet dry in wet conditions.

Understanding these factors will help you make an informed decision, ensuring your hiking boots enhance your adventures rather than hinder them.

How We Selected the Boots

Our selection process for the top 12 hiking boots of 2024 was thorough and multifaceted. We considered a wide range of factors, including:

  • Expert Reviews: Insights from outdoor professionals and footwear specialists.
  • User Feedback: Real-world experiences from seasoned hikers.
  • Field Tests: Performance assessments in various hiking conditions and terrains.
  • Technical Specifications: Analysis of materials, design, and features.

This comprehensive approach ensured that our recommendations are not only based on technical merits but also on real-world applicability and user satisfaction.

The Top 12 Hiking Boots of 2024

1. Mishansha Mens/Womens Hiking Boots Non Slip Soft Lined

The Mishansha Men’s/Women’s Hiking Boots stand out as one of the Best Hiking Boots of 2024 due to their harmonious blend of functionality, comfort, and durability tailored for diverse outdoor activities. Their classic high-top design, coupled with an elastic lacing system, ensures a secure and adjustable fit, while the water-resistant artificial leather upper keeps feet dry in wet conditions. The inclusion of a TPR toe cap enhances protection against impacts, making these boots suitable for rugged terrains and doubling as sturdy work shoes. Inside, a soft, thick lining provides essential warmth and comfort in cold weather, setting these boots apart for winter use.

The boots’ sole construction, featuring a flexible EVA midsole and a non-slip rubber outsole, offers wear resistance, cushioning support, and stability across various surfaces. This combination of features makes the Mishansha Hiking Boots a versatile choice for outdoor enthusiasts engaging in activities such as hiking, skiing, and trekking, and their practical design secures their place as a top pick for 2024.


  • Water-resistant upper keeps feet dry.
  • TPR toe cap for enhanced foot protection.
  • Warm lining ideal for cold weather.
  • Durable sole with good traction.


  • Artificial leather may wear faster.
  • Less breathable due to thick lining.
  • May require a break-in period.

2. Foxelli Men’s Waterproof Suede Leather Hiking Hiking Boots

The Foxelli Men’s Waterproof Suede Leather Hiking Boots are distinguished as one of the best hiking boots of 2024 due to their optimal blend of functionality, comfort, and style, suitable for a broad range of outdoor activities. Crafted from suede leather and equipped with a breathable mesh, these boots ensure durability while maintaining a lightweight profile, crucial for long hikes. The inclusion of the KingTex waterproof membrane guarantees that feet remain dry, even in adverse weather conditions, enhancing their utility across diverse environments. Comfort is prioritized with well-padded collars and tongues, alongside removable soft foam insoles and shock-absorbent midsoles that collectively contribute to reducing joint impact and improving overall foot protection.

A single blue hiking boot with black and light blue accents, featuring metal eyelets and sturdy laces on a white background.

The boots’ high-quality rubber soles provide exceptional traction and stability, essential for navigating slippery or uneven terrains. Additionally, their stylish design and the option for customization with colorful shoelaces make them versatile for both trail and urban use. The commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in Foxelli’s risk-free purchase policy, underscoring the brand’s confidence in their product’s performance and quality.


  • Waterproof and breathable, suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear.
  • Durable with excellent traction and stability.
  • Stylish design with customizable shoelace colors.


  • Suede leather may require more care than synthetic materials.
  • May not be as warm as boots designed specifically for winter conditions.

3. NORTIV 8 Men’s Ankle High Waterproof Armadillo Hiking Boots

The NORTIV 8 Men’s Ankle High Waterproof Hiking Boots emerge as one of the standout choices for the Best Hiking Boots of 2024, catering to the essential needs of outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Their fabric-and-synthetic construction strikes an excellent balance between durability and lightweight flexibility, making them suitable for a wide array of outdoor activities, from daily work to more rigorous adventures like hiking and mountaineering. The boots’ comfort is enhanced by removable, shock-absorbent cushioned insoles and lightweight EVA midsoles that together provide all-day comfort, reduce foot fatigue, and ensure superior cushioning.

A single olive green hiking boot with orange accents and "SOFTSHELL" text, featuring a sturdy sole and lace-up front, set against a white background.

The high-quality rubber soles with advanced traction prevent slipping, offering firm stability across various terrains, which is crucial for outdoor safety and performance. Designed to support a plethora of outdoor activities, these boots reflect NORTIV 8’s commitment to quality, versatility, and the wearer’s well-being, making them a perfect companion for those who seek reliability and comfort in their outdoor footwear.


  • Waterproof and durable, ideal for diverse weather conditions.
  • Lightweight and flexible, minimizing foot fatigue.
  • Offers excellent traction on different terrains.
  • Versatile for various outdoor activities and daily work.


  • The fabric-and-synthetic construction may not be as robust as full leather.
  • Limited insulation, which may affect performance in extremely cold conditions.

4. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Lightweight Waterproof Shoe Hiking Boot

The Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Lightweight Waterproof Shoe Hiking Boot is distinguished as one of the premier hiking boots of 2024, setting a benchmark for lightweight durability and all-weather protection. This distinction is attributed to its adept combination of advanced waterproofing technology and lightweight construction, ensuring hikers experience both dryness and comfort even in challenging weather conditions. Columbia’s commitment to quality is evident in the boot’s design, which integrates a waterproof exterior with breathable materials, thereby preventing moisture entry while allowing for air circulation to keep feet cool. The strategic lightweight design does not compromise on support or durability, making it an ideal choice for varied terrains, from rocky paths to muddy trails.

A single gray Columbia brand hiking boot with light blue laces and a contrasting white midsole, designed for outdoor activities, displayed against a white background.

This boot’s adaptability and resilience make it a go-to option for women seeking reliable, comfortable, and durable outdoor footwear, showcasing Columbia’s understanding of the hiker’s need for a boot that performs well in diverse hiking scenarios.


  • Exceptional waterproofing keeps feet dry.
  • Lightweight construction enhances comfort.
  • Breathable design prevents overheating.
  • Suitable for a variety of terrains.


  • May require breaking in for optimal comfort.
  • Limited insulation for extremely cold conditions.

5. FULORIS Men’s Women’s Casual Chukka Non Slip Outdoor Hiking Boots

The FULORIS Men’s and Women’s Casual Chukka Non Slip Outdoor Hiking Boots mark a significant advancement in the fusion of casual wear and outdoor functionality, earning their place as one of the best hiking boots of 2024. These boots stand out for their stylish design that doesn’t compromise on performance, offering a seamless transition from urban landscapes to rugged outdoor terrains. The use of faux leather not only contributes to their fashionable appearance but also offers a degree of water resistance, making them suitable for varying weather conditions.

A single black ankle boot with a chunky tan sole and classic lace-up front, featuring white stitching details and a logo on the side, presented on a white background.

Their construction focuses on combining lightweight durability with comfort, featuring a cushioned heel and a durable insole that minimizes odors, alongside a slip-resistant TPR sole that ensures stability and support. This blend of style, comfort, and practicality positions the FULORIS boots as a versatile choice, equally suited to daily wear and outdoor adventures, reflecting a growing preference for multifunctional footwear in 2024.


  • Stylish design suitable for casual and outdoor wear.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day use.
  • Water-resistant for daily waterproof needs.
  • Slip-resistant sole for added stability.


  • Faux leather may not offer the same durability as genuine leather.
  • Water resistance is limited compared to fully waterproof boots.

6. Vostey Men’s Casual Water-resistant Chukka Hiking Boots

The Vostey Men’s Casual Water-resistant Chukka Hiking Boots are acclaimed as one of the best hiking boots of 2024, a testament to their adaptability and enduring style that meets the modern hiker’s needs. These boots blend a classic casual design with innovative features, such as a water-resistant synthetic upper that prevents moisture penetration, ensuring dryness and comfort in damp conditions. The comfort-oriented, skin-friendly lining enhances fit, providing an enjoyable wearing experience even during extended periods of activity. A durable rubber outsole ensures lasting support and excellent traction across a variety of terrains, from urban pavements to rugged outdoor trails.

A single charcoal gray chukka boot with light brown lining, detailed stitching, a tan sole, and gray laces, on a white background.

This fusion of style, functionality, and comfort positions the Vostey Chukka Boots as a versatile choice for those who value both aesthetic appeal and outdoor readiness. Whether for hiking, casual wear, or as a thoughtful gift, these boots represent a harmonious balance of practicality and contemporary fashion, making them a standout selection in 2024’s footwear options.

7. CC-Los Men’s Relaxed Fit Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Boots

The CC-Los Men’s Relaxed Fit Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Boots are positioned as one of the standout hiking boots of 2024, primarily due to their thoughtful blend of performance, sustainability, and consumer-friendly policies. These boots feature the brand’s own CC-Los.Dry technology, ensuring waterproof and breathable wear, making them versatile for activities ranging from mountaineering to daily commuting. The boots’ construction prioritizes comfort and support with removable polyester insoles that include arch support, and anti-slip rubber outsoles with multi-directional lugs for superior traction on various terrains. Additionally, the soft padded collar and CL-Tech fabric lining, made with at least 50% recycled plastic, highlight the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility. The inclusion of compression-molded EVA-blend foam in the midsole offers high-rebound cushioning, enhancing the overall comfort.

A single brown hiking boot with black and tan accents, featuring a mesh upper for breathability, reinforced eyelets for laces, and a rugged outsole for grip, set against a white background.

The boots also come with rustproof speed hooks for easy lace adjustments, further adding to their practicality. CC-Los’s customer-centric policies, including a 30-day trial period, a 50-day price guarantee, and a 5-year returns service, underscore their confidence in the product and commitment to customer satisfaction. Weighing in at just 1.98 pounds for a size 9, these boots offer a compelling mix of lightweight design, durability, and protective features, making them a prime choice for hikers seeking reliable footwear in 2024.


  • Waterproof and breathable, suitable for varied conditions.
  • Lightweight with superior cushioning for comfort.
  • Environmentally friendly materials and construction.
  • Excellent customer-centric policies enhance buyer confidence.


  • Removable insoles may not suit all arch types without customization.
  • The relaxed fit might not provide enough support for those requiring snugger footwear.

8. CARENURSE Men’s Lightweight Water Resistant Mid Ankle Hiking Boots Water

The CARENURSE Men’s Lightweight Water-Resistant Mid Ankle Hiking Boots distinguish themselves as a top contender for the best hiking boots of 2024 through a thoughtful combination of lightweight design, durability, and comfort. These boots are crafted from synthetic water-resistant leather, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials without sacrificing performance. Weighing in at an ultra-light 0.8 pounds for a size 9, they alleviate the strain on feet during long treks, making them ideal for extended outdoor activities. The adjustable lace-up design and durable electroplated anti-rust hardware ensure a secure fit, reducing the risk of sprains and enhancing overall foot stability. A skin-friendly, breathable, and moisture-wicking mesh fabric lining keeps the feet comfortable and dry, promoting a healthier in-boot environment.

A sleek black ankle boot with a contrasting white sole and black laces, presented on a white background.

Additionally, the removable cushioned insole with added arch support addresses foot fatigue, providing sustained comfort. The advanced traction rubber sole guarantees a stable and reliable grip across diverse terrains, underscoring the boots’ versatility for both daily life and a broad spectrum of outdoor sports. This harmonious blend of features positions the CARENURSE hiking boots as a prime choice for those seeking reliability, environmental consciousness, and all-day comfort in their outdoor footwear for 2024.


  • Ultra-lightweight design reduces foot fatigue.
  • Water-resistant and environmentally friendly materials.
  • Breathable lining and cushioned insole for comfort.
  • Advanced traction for reliable grip on varied terrains.


  • Synthetic leather may not be as durable as genuine leather over time.
  • May require time to break in for optimal comfort.

9. Ariat Men’s Terrain Leather Outdoor Hiking Boots

The Ariat Men’s Terrain Leather Outdoor Hiking Boots represent a pinnacle of innovation and durability, setting them apart as one of the best hiking boots of 2024. Crafted with 100% leather and featuring Ariat’s proprietary ATS technology, these boots are designed to offer unparalleled stability and comfort across diverse terrains and activities, from hiking to horseback riding. Their ergonomic design and moisture-wicking lining ensure that feet remain dry and comfortable from dawn to dusk, addressing the essential needs of adventurers and equestrian athletes alike. The inclusion of a lightweight EVA midsole for shock absorption, coupled with a Duratread outsole for wear resistance and flexibility, speaks to Ariat’s commitment to superior quality and performance. These boots are not just functional but also easy to maintain, promising longevity and consistent performance with simple care instructions.

A brown hiking boot featuring robust lacing, a reinforced toe cap, and breathable side panels, set on a sturdy sole with a light tan midsole, against a white background.

Ariat’s dedication to advanced technologies and partnership with world-class biomechanical research groups underlines their commitment to delivering products that excel in performance, comfort, and durability, making the Ariat Men’s Terrain Leather Outdoor Hiking Boots a standout choice for professionals and enthusiasts striving for excellence in their outdoor endeavors.


  • Superior comfort and stability with ATS technology.
  • Durable, 100% leather construction and easy to clean.
  • Moisture-wicking lining for all-day dryness.
  • Lightweight and shock-absorbing EVA midsole.


  • Premium materials and technology may come at a higher price point.
  • Leather construction requires proper care to maintain water resistance and durability.

10. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Hiking Boots

The Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Hiking Boot emerges as a top contender for the best hiking boots of 2024, thanks to its seamless blend of functionality, durability, and style. This boot is equipped with advanced technology, including a seam-sealed construction and the TECHLITE lightweight midsole, ensuring long-lasting comfort, superior cushioning, and high energy return. Inspired by classic mountaineering gear, this waterproof hiker offers not only excellent traction and comfort but also a design that withstands the test of time and terrain. The signature Omni-GRIP non-marking traction rubber outsole guarantees high grip across diverse terrains, making it suitable for three-season use.

A single dusty rose-colored hiking boot with navy blue accents, featuring patterned laces, metal eyelets, and a chunky tan sole, displayed against a white background.

Additional features like the waterproof leather and suede construction, reinforced toe and heel, and the secure lace-up closure underscore the boot’s readiness for treacherous trails. With its stylish design, available in several color options and true-to-fit sizing, the Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped combines the ruggedness required for challenging hikes with the aesthetic versatility for casual, everyday wear, positioning it as an essential piece of gear for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts in 2024.


  • Advanced seam-sealed waterproofing.
  • Lightweight and cushioned for all-day comfort.
  • Durable with reinforced toe and heel.
  • High-traction Omni-GRIP outsole for varied terrains.


  • Style and design may not appeal to all users.
  • Waterproofing requires maintenance to remain effective over time.

11. Merrell Men’s Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Merrell Men’s Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot solidifies its position as one of the best hiking boots of 2024 through its impeccable blend of innovation, sustainability, and proven performance. Esteemed for delivering out-of-the-box comfort and remarkable durability, the Moab series continues to be the go-to choice for hikers worldwide. Version 3 elevates this legacy with enhancements aimed at providing even greater support and comfort. The boot features a waterproof membrane that effectively seals out water while allowing moisture to escape, ensuring feet remain dry and comfortable in varying conditions. The incorporation of pigskin leather and mesh upper, alongside 100% recycled laces, webbing, and mesh lining, reflects a commitment to environmental responsibility without compromising on quality or performance.

A single gray Merrell hiking boot with mesh inserts and red detailing, equipped with a Vibram sole for enhanced traction, shown against a white background.

The Kinetic Fit ADVANCED insole and lightweight EVA foam midsole offer contoured support and cushioning, while the Vibram TC5+ rubber sole delivers unparalleled grip across diverse terrains. Merrell’s dedication to sustainability, combined with technological advancements in comfort and traction, make the Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot a standout option for hikers seeking a reliable, eco-friendly, and high-performance hiking boot in 2024.


  • Waterproof and breathable design.
  • Made with recycled materials for environmental sustainability.
  • Superior comfort and support with updated insole and midsole.
  • Excellent traction with Vibram TC5+ sole.


  • The fit might be consistent with previous versions, but new users may need time to adjust.
  • Pigskin leather may require more care to maintain its condition.


The Salomon Men’s X ULTRA PIONEER MID CLIMASALOMON WATERPROOF Hiking Boots stand out as one of the best hiking boots of 2024, marrying Salomon’s legacy of innovative outdoor gear with cutting-edge technology to cater to avid hikers and outdoor adventurers. These boots integrate ClimaSalomon Waterproof technology, offering a flexible, lightweight, full waterproof bootie that ensures comprehensive weather protection, crucial for tackling diverse terrains under varying conditions. The Advanced Chassis feature, strategically positioned between the outsole and midsole, underscores the boots’ efficiency in motion control, energy management, and protection, providing a stable, yet responsive ride. The traditional lacing system with eyelets guarantees a secure fit, essential for rigorous outdoor activities. Weighing just 14.43 ounces, these boots exemplify a harmonious balance between durability and lightness, making them ideal for those who prioritize agility and comfort on the trail. Salomon’s commitment since 1947 to creating premier outdoor sports gear is evident in these boots, designed not only for trail running and hiking but versatile enough for the demands of daily life, ensuring they meet the multifaceted needs of modern outdoor enthusiasts.

A single black Salomon hiking boot with silver detailing and quick lace system, featuring a Contagrip sole for optimal traction, set against a white background.

Salomon’s commitment since 1947 to creating premier outdoor sports gear is evident in these boots, designed not only for trail running and hiking but versatile enough for the demands of daily life, ensuring they meet the multifaceted needs of modern outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Exceptional weather protection with ClimaSalomon Waterproof technology.
  • Advanced Chassis promotes efficient motion control and stability.
  • Lightweight design enhances comfort and mobility.
  • Versatile for both rigorous trails and daily use.


  • Traditional lacing may not appeal to those preferring quick-lace systems.
  • The mid-cut design might offer less ankle support than higher-cut boots for some users.

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing Hiking Boots

When selecting hiking boots, several factors will guide your decision to ensure you find the perfect fit for your adventures. Here’s what to keep in mind:

Fit and Comfort

  • Try Before You Buy: Always try on hiking boots with the socks you plan to wear. Walk around to ensure there’s no pinching or slipping.
  • Room to Move: Ensure there’s enough room to wiggle your toes, but not so much that your feet slide around.

Material and Construction

  • Leather vs. Synthetic: Leather boots offer durability and water resistance, while synthetic materials are lighter and often more breathable.
  • Build Quality: Look for solid construction that can withstand the rigors of your preferred hiking terrain.

Weight and Type

  • Light vs. Heavy: Lighter boots are great for day hikes and minimal baggage, while heavier boots provide more support for challenging terrains and heavier loads.
  • Low-Cut vs. Mid- or High-Top: High-top boots offer more ankle support, important for uneven terrains, whereas low-cut options can be sufficient for less demanding trails.

Water Resistance vs. Breathability

  • Finding Balance: Look for boots that offer a good balance between being waterproof to keep your feet dry in wet conditions and breathable to prevent sweat buildup during long hikes.
  • Membrane Technologies: Consider boots with waterproof membranes like GORE-TEX for effective water resistance while maintaining breathability.

Traction and Stability

  • Terrain-Specific Outsoles: Choose boots with outsoles designed for the type of terrain you’ll be hiking. Deep lugs are great for muddy and soft terrain, while a more tightly patterned grip is better for rocky trails.
  • Ankle Support: Mid- or high-top boots offer added ankle support, which is crucial for hiking on uneven terrain and carrying heavier backpacks.

Tips for Caring for Your Hiking Boots

Proper care can extend the life of your hiking boots significantly. Here are some essential tips:


  • Regular Cleaning: After each hike, remove dirt and mud with a brush or cloth. Use mild soap and water for a deeper clean, avoiding harsh chemicals.
  • Drying: Let your boots air dry away from direct heat sources. Stuffing them with newspaper can help absorb moisture and maintain their shape.


  • Waterproofing Treatments: Apply waterproofing treatments periodically to keep your boots water-resistant, especially if you frequently hike in wet conditions.
  • Conditioning Leather: For leather boots, use a conditioner to prevent drying and cracking. This keeps the leather supple and extends the lifespan of your boots.


  • Proper Storage: Store your boots in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing them while they’re damp to prevent mold and mildew growth.

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Investing in the right pair of hiking boots is crucial for enjoying your outdoor adventures to the fullest. By considering the key factors outlined in this guide and taking good care of your boots, you can ensure your feet stay comfortable, protected, and ready for whatever the trail brings. Remember, the best hiking boot is the one that fits your specific needs, whether you’re trekking through water, climbing mountainous terrain, or exploring snowy paths. Choose wisely, and let your hiking boots take you to new heights and spectacular places.

  1. How did you determine the best 12 hiking boots for 2024?
    We evaluated boots based on their performance, comfort, durability, customer reviews, and innovations in materials and design. Additionally, we considered versatility for different terrains and weather conditions to ensure a comprehensive selection.
  2. Can these hiking boots accommodate wide feet?
    Yes, several boots in our guide are available in wide sizes or are known for their accommodating fit for wider feet. We recommend looking for specific “wide” options or reading reviews for insights on fit from individuals with similar needs.
  3. Are any of the top 12 hiking boots vegan-friendly?
    Absolutely! We’ve included boots that use synthetic and plant-based materials, avoiding animal products without compromising on performance or durability, catering to the growing demand for sustainable and ethical outdoor gear.
  4. How important is waterproofing in selecting a hiking boot?
    Waterproofing is crucial for keeping your feet dry in wet conditions, which is vital for comfort and preventing blisters. However, if you hike mainly in dry, hot conditions, you might prioritize breathability. Our guide includes options for both preferences.
  5. What advancements in technology are seen in the 2024 hiking boots?
    The 2024 selections showcase advancements in materials that offer better waterproofing and breathability, improved sole traction designs for diverse terrains, and lighter, more comfortable cushioning technologies for all-day wear.
  6. How do I care for and maintain my hiking boots to ensure they last?
    Proper care includes cleaning mud and debris after each use, drying them properly away from direct heat, applying a waterproofing treatment as needed, and storing them in a cool, dry place. Specific care tips vary by material and are detailed in our guide.
  7. What makes a hiking boot good for both day hikes and multi-day treks?
    A versatile hiking boot will offer a balance of lightweight comfort for short hikes and robust support and durability for longer treks. Look for features like cushioned midsoles for shock absorption and strong traction outsoles suitable for various terrains.
  8. Can I use these hiking boots for winter hiking?
    Some boots in our guide are equipped with features suitable for winter hiking, such as insulation and compatibility with traction aids like microspikes. We specify which boots are winter-ready for those who enjoy cold-weather hikes.

We’re excited to hear about your outdoor adventures and the trails you’ve explored! Share your stories, valuable insights, and memorable experiences with us. Let’s come together as a community of hikers and conservationists, dedicated to enjoying and safeguarding the natural wonders we cherish.

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