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Explore our category dedicated to log loaders, specialized forestry machines built for efficient handling and transportation of logs. These log loaders, with their powerful hydraulic arms and versatile grapple attachments, are essential machines for forestry professionals involved in timber harvesting and log transportation. They ensure seamless loading and unloading operations, making a log loader an indispensable tool in the forestry industry.

Popular Log Loaders


Tigercat 220E Loader

The 220E is a highly efficient and compact truck-mounted loader designed for contractors who need to load shortwood and smaller tree-length pulpwood or biomass....


CAT 538 Log Loader

The Cat 538 forestry log loader is a robust and reliable machine specifically engineered to tackle the demanding task of loading logs onto trucks...


CAT 548 Log Loader

The CAT 548 forestry log loader is an essential workhorse in the forestry industry, providing the necessary strength and reliability to handle the demanding...


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