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Pruning tools are essential for any gardener, landscaper, or homeowner looking to maintain the health, appearance, and productivity of their plants. These tools come in various forms, each designed for specific tasks, ranging from removing dead or overgrown branches to shaping plants for aesthetic or practical purposes.

Popular Pruning Tools


Fiskars 91546935J

The Fiskars 32" PowerGear Bypass Lopper is an ideal choice for big cutting tasks. The unit's fully-hardened stainless steel blades are designed to provide...


Corona BP 3180D

The Corona Max Forged Classic Cut Pruners stand as the epitome of excellence for the professional gardener, meticulously crafted from forged steel to ensure...


WolfGarten RR900T

The telescopic operation with high-strength individually-adjustable aluminum gripping handle tubes, guarantees the long reach of the WolfGarten RR900T lopping shears. This allows both easy...


Worx WG330

The Worx NITRO 20V Pruning Shear/Lopper is perfect for cutting branches, twigs, dead flowers and more up to 1” diameter. These handheld shears are...


FELCO F-2 068780

The choice of landscape professionals, nursery workers, and savvy gardeners around the globe; this exceptionally well-made tool features a design that's been unchanged for...



The VS-series of hand pruners offers a number of features for professional use. The locking latch is released by simply squeezing the handles, enabling...


Gardener's Friend ‎3130-3 205mm Ratchet Pruner

The Gardener's Friend ‎3130-3 205mm Ratchet Pruner is designed to boost cutting power significantly. The ratchet mechanism allows for easier cutting with less exertion,...


Okatsune General Purpose Medium Bypass

Оne Расk The Okatsune 103 is the most popular pruner in the range. With its length of 202 mm this model is 20 mm...


Fiskars Bypass Ground Steel Blade

The Fiskars Bypass Pruning Shears with sharp precision-ground steel blades are the ideal addition to your gardening essentials. The steel blades stay sharp through...


Corona BP 7100D

This Precision made MAXForged Branch & Stem pruner uses a forging process that compacts steel molecules into one of Corona's strongest, most durable garden...



Gonicc always think premium durable and comfortable pruners is a must-have for any gardener. All of the Gonicc pruning shears adopted high quality materials...


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