DR Premier 375 Self-Feeding Wood Chipper Review


Experience top-tier performance with the DR Premier 375 CP53037DMN Wood Chipper. Efficient and powerful, it’s your solution for hassle-free yard maintenance. Designed for optimum performance and efficiency, this robust wood chipper stands as a testament to DR’s commitment to quality craftsmanship. Tackling your toughest debris with ease, it transforms branches, leaves, and other yard waste into valuable mulch, providing a seamless solution for enhancing your outdoor spaces. Join us on a journey through the features and capabilities that make the DR Premier 375 CP53037DMN a must-have tool for anyone serious about maintaining a pristine and well-groomed landscape.

What You Need To Know About DR Premier 375 CP53037DMN Self-Feeding Wood Chipper

DR Premier 375 CP53037DMN Self-Feeding Wood Chipper

Introducing the DR Premier 375 Self-Feeding Wood Chipper—an essential tool for effortless yard maintenance. Powered by a robust 9.2 HP DR OHV Engine, this compact chipper handles hardwood branches up to 3.75″ in diameter. Its self-feeding design ensures continuous operation without constant supervision, and the built-in handle allows easy manual maneuvering. For added convenience, an optional pin-hitch kit enables towing with your lawn tractor or ATV. The chipper’s oversized hopper, heavy-duty flywheel, and Pro-Spec Chipper Knife contribute to its efficiency, making pruning and chipping a breeze. Safety features, including a blowback shield, complete this versatile package, promising reliability and backed by a 2-year consumer/90-day commercial warranty from DR Power Equipment. Elevate your yard work with the DR Premier 375.

Technical Specifications

Chipping Capacity3.75 inches
Engine9.2 HP DR OHV Engine
Starting TypeManual
Hopper Opening Size14.5″ x 23.5″
Towing OptionOptional pin-hitch kit for lawn tractor or ATV
Flywheel Diameter14 inches
Flywheel Weight25 lbs
Flywheel Speed101 mph
Chipper Knife MaterialD2 Heat Treated Tool Steel
Chipper Knife Size4-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ x 9/32″
Engine TypeOHV
Horsepower9.2 HP
Torque13.3 ft-lbs
Oil Capacity1.2 qt
Fuel Capacity0.75 gallons
Max. Cutting Thickness3 3/4 inches
MaterialD2 Steel
Tire Size10 inches
Dimensions (L x W x H)79″ x 47″ x 53″
Weight164 lbs

Key Features

  • Powerful Engine: Equipped with a robust 9.2 HP DR OHV Engine for efficient wood chipping.
  • Self-Feeding Design: Continuous operation without constant supervision, allowing for easy chipping of hardwood branches up to 3.75″ in diameter.
  • Maneuverability: Built-in handle for convenient manual maneuvering, making it easy to navigate around your yard.
  • Optional Towing Capability: An optional pin-hitch kit is available, enabling towing with your lawn tractor or ATV for added convenience.
  • Oversized Hopper: The chipper features a large hopper that accommodates whole armfuls of branches, minimizing the need for trimming or preparation.
  • Heavy-Duty Flywheel: A 14″ diameter flywheel, weighing 25 pounds, spins at 101 mph, providing efficient wood chipping with up to 40 “bites” per second.
  • Pro-Spec Chipper Knife: Crafted from high-carbon/high-chromium forged alloy tool steel, ensuring durability and longer edge retention.
  • Safety Features: Includes a blowback shield for enhanced safety during operation.
  • Compact Design: With dimensions of 45″ in height and a weight of 164 lbs, it strikes a balance between power and practicality.

Design and Build Quality

Designed for durability, the Premier 375 features a sturdy 14″ flywheel and a Pro-Spec Chipper Knife made from tough alloy steel. These choices emphasize a commitment to a long-lasting and high-performing chipper, assuring users of its resilience during regular use.

DR Premier 375 CP53037DMN Self-Feeding Wood Chipper

Moreover, the 14″ flywheel is crucial to the chipper’s functionality, serving as the core for efficient wood chipping. With a thickness of half an inch and a weight of 25 pounds, this heavy-duty flywheel spins at an impressive 101 mph, allowing the chipper to handle up to 40 “bites” per second. This practical design ensures consistent and reliable performance, establishing the Premier 375 as a robust solution for efficiently managing a variety of wood chipping tasks.

Performance and Efficiency

The Premier 375 chipper works efficiently with a flywheel spinning at a fast 101 mph, handling up to 40 “bites” per second. In simple terms, it’s really good at chipping wood, saving a lot of time and effort when dealing with yard debris.

DR Premier 375 CP53037DMN Self-Feeding Wood Chipper

Additionally, the chipper’s high-speed flywheel significantly boosts its productivity. With its swift operation, the Premier 375 becomes a time-saving tool, quickly turning yard waste into useful mulch. This quick functionality ensures the chipper handles wood chipping tasks easily, making it a practical and efficient choice for yard maintenance.

Safety Features

The chipper puts safety first by including a blowback shield, an extra layer of protection during operation. This feature boosts confidence, especially when dealing with the unpredictable nature of wood chipping.

DR Premier 375 CP53037DMN Self-Feeding Wood Chipper

The blowback shield is strategically designed to keep users safe by redirecting wood chips and debris away from them. This thoughtful addition ensures that users can chip wood without worry, knowing their safety is a top priority. The blowback shield is a crucial part of the Premier 375’s safety measures, underlining the manufacturer’s commitment to user security. It makes the chipper a reliable choice for those who want a secure and stress-free wood chipping experience.


From handling branches in my residential landscape to assisting with small-scale commercial projects, the Premier 375 proves to be a versatile companion. The towing capability opens up possibilities for diverse outdoor tasks. Here are some practical applications for using this wood chipper:

  1. Yard Waste Management: The Premier 375 excels at turning yard waste, including branches and twigs, into valuable mulch. It simplifies the process of managing organic debris from your garden or landscape.
  2. Tree Pruning Cleanup: After pruning trees or trimming branches, the chipper makes quick work of the resulting material. It significantly reduces the time and effort needed for cleanup, turning branches into usable wood chips.
  3. Landscaping Projects: Ideal for landscaping projects, the chipper helps maintain a neat and tidy outdoor space by swiftly chipping small trees, shrubs, and other vegetation, contributing to a polished appearance.
  4. Mulch Production: With its efficient chipping capabilities, the Premier 375 is excellent for producing your own mulch. The resulting wood chips can be used to cover garden beds, conserve moisture, and enhance soil quality.
  5. Composting Aid: By chipping organic material, the chipper facilitates the composting process. The smaller wood chips created by the Premier 375 break down more quickly, providing valuable organic matter for your compost pile.
  6. Firewood Preparation: For those who use wood-burning stoves or fireplaces, the chipper is handy for processing small branches into manageable firewood. It streamlines the preparation of fuel for heating purposes.
  7. Property Maintenance: Whether you have a residential property or a small commercial space, the Premier 375 aids in routine property maintenance. It efficiently handles various debris, keeping your outdoor areas clean and well-maintained.
  8. DIY Mulching and Gardening Projects: Home gardeners can utilize the chipper for DIY mulching projects and gardening endeavors. It transforms pruned branches and small trees into a valuable resource for enhancing soil health and moisture retention.
  9. Small-Scale Commercial Use: Beyond residential applications, the chipper is suitable for small-scale commercial use, providing landscaping professionals with a reliable tool for efficient wood chipping.
  10. Environmentally Friendly Waste Reduction: The chipper promotes eco-friendly practices by reducing green waste and recycling organic material into beneficial wood chips, contributing to sustainable yard management.

The DR Premier 375’s versatility makes it a valuable asset for homeowners, landscapers, and outdoor enthusiasts looking to streamline their yard maintenance tasks and make the most of organic waste.

Maintenance Tips

As someone who values convenience, the Premier 375 offers a relatively low-maintenance experience. The manual starting feature ensures quick and hassle-free starts, and routine maintenance tasks are straightforward. Here are my personal tips on keeping this powerhouse in top-notch condition:

  1. Regular Cleaning Sessions: Just like any hardworking tool, my Premier 375 appreciates a good clean-up after a solid day’s work. Removing wood residue and debris ensures smooth operation and prevents unnecessary wear and tear.
  2. Knife Maintenance Routine: I make it a habit to inspect and sharpen the Pro-Spec Chipper Knife regularly. A sharp knife means efficient chipping and less strain on the engine, making my chipper happy and ready for action.
  3. Air Filter Check-Up: The engine breathes better with a clean air filter. I keep an eye on it and replace or clean it as needed. It’s a simple step that goes a long way in maintaining optimal performance.
  4. Oil Level Monitoring: The Premier 375 needs its oil checked. I ensure the oil level is right where it should be and change it according to the recommended schedule. It keeps the engine humming along smoothly.
  5. Tire TLC: The tires play a crucial role in maneuverability. I check their pressure regularly, and if they seem a bit low, I give them a boost. It ensures easy towing when needed and keeps things rolling smoothly.
  6. Safety Shield Integrity: Safety matters, so I pay attention to the blowback shield. If it ever shows signs of wear or damage, I address it promptly. It’s all about making sure the chipper and I stay safe during operation.
  7. Storage Shelter: When not in use, I park my Premier 375 in a covered storage space. It shields the chipper from the elements, prolonging its lifespan and keeping it ready for action when I need it.
  8. Fuel Quality Matters: I’m mindful of the fuel I use. Opting for high-quality, clean fuel helps prevent engine issues and keeps my chipper running smoothly. It’s a small investment for long-term reliability.
  9. Greasing Pivot Points: The pivot points are like joints in the chipper’s ‘body.’ A little grease now and then keeps these parts moving freely, contributing to the chipper’s overall agility.
  10. Periodic Professional Check-Up: Every once in a while, I treat my Premier 375 to a professional check-up. It’s like taking it to the doctor for a thorough examination. The experts can catch any potential issues before they become major headaches.

Owning the Premier 375 is about forming a partnership—I take care of it, and it takes care of my wood chipping needs. These simple maintenance tips have kept my chipper humming along smoothly, making yard work a breeze.

Price and Value for Money

Despite a potentially higher initial cost, the Premier 375 stands out for its practical combination of features, performance, and durability. It’s not just a purchase; it’s an investment, especially for those serious about efficient yard maintenance.

DR Premier 375 CP53037DMN Self-Feeding Wood Chipper

One key factor contributing to its long-term value is its robust feature set. With a 9.2 HP DR OHV Engine, the Premier 375 handles hardwood branches up to 3.75 inches in diameter, boosting its performance and making it versatile for various yard tasks. The self-feeding design adds convenience, enabling continuous operation without constant supervision. These features make choosing the Premier 375 initially a smart move, providing users with a reliable and effective tool for the years ahead.

Is it Worth it to Buy?

Certainly! The DR Premier 375 is a great choice for homeowners and landscapers looking for a reliable wood chipper. Its strong performance, towing ability, and safety features make it a valuable investment for a variety of outdoor projects.

DR Premier 375 CP53037DMN Self-Feeding Wood Chipper

A key strength of the DR Premier 375 is its powerful performance. Equipped with a 9.2 HP DR OHV Engine, this wood chipper easily handles hardwood branches up to 3.75 inches thick. This not only shows its power but also highlights its versatility for tasks beyond regular yard maintenance. Additionally, the chipper’s towing capability adds convenience, allowing users to transport it effortlessly with a lawn tractor or ATV, making it practical for larger properties. With a focus on safety, the chipper includes a blowback shield for an extra layer of protection during operation. Altogether, these features make the DR Premier 375 a strong and adaptable tool for a variety of outdoor projects.

Pros and Cons


  • Efficient Self-Feeding Action: The self-feeding mechanism allows for hands-free operation, reducing the need for constant manual feeding and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Versatile Towing Option: The optional pin-hitch kit facilitates easy towing with a lawn tractor or ATV, providing versatility in transporting the chipper around your property.
  • Low Maintenance Flywheel: The heavy-duty 14″ flywheel requires minimal maintenance, contributing to long-term durability and consistent performance.
  • Quick-Start Manual: The manual starting feature ensures a quick and hassle-free start, allowing you to get to work with minimal delay.
  • Advanced Safety Features: The blowback shield adds an extra layer of safety, preventing debris from being discharged in an unintended direction during operation.


  • Limited Chipping Capacity: While suitable for most residential needs, the 3.75″ chipping capacity may be limiting for users dealing with larger branches or heavy-duty commercial applications.
  • Manual Starting: The chipper relies on manual starting, which may be a drawback for users who prefer the convenience of electric start options available in some other models.
  • Weight Considerations: Weighing 164 lbs, the chipper may be relatively heavy for some users, potentially requiring additional effort during manual maneuvering.
  • Additional Cost for Towing Kit: While the towing option adds versatility, it comes as an optional kit, incurring an additional cost for users who require this feature.
  • Noise Level: As with many wood chippers, the operational noise level may be a consideration, especially for users in noise-sensitive environments.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the DR Premier 375 CP53037DMN Self-Feeding Wood Chipper earns my enthusiastic recommendation. Its overall performance, versatility, and thoughtful design make it a top choice for those serious about efficient and reliable yard maintenance. From tackling branches to towing convenience, this wood chipper exceeded my expectations and has become an invaluable asset in my outdoor toolkit.


  1. What is the chipping capacity of the DR Premier 375 Wood Chipper?
    The DR Premier 375 boasts a chipping capacity of 3.75 inches, making it adept at handling hardwood branches of substantial diameter.
  2. How does the self-feeding feature work, and what are its benefits?
    The self-feeding design of the Premier 375 allows for continuous operation without constant manual intervention. It efficiently pulls branches into the chipping hopper, streamlining the wood chipping process and enhancing overall productivity.
  3. Can I tow the DR Premier 375 with my lawn tractor or ATV?
    Absolutely. The chipper comes with an optional pin-hitch kit, providing the flexibility to tow it effortlessly with your lawn tractor or ATV for added convenience, especially on larger properties.
  4. Is the DR Premier 375 suitable for commercial use, or is it more geared towards residential applications?
    The Premier 375 is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of users, from residential homeowners to small-scale commercial projects. Its versatility and towing capability make it adaptable to various outdoor tasks.
  5. What safety features does the chipper have in place?
    Safety is a priority. The DR Premier 375 includes a blowback shield, adding an extra layer of protection during operation to ensure a secure wood chipping experience.
  6. How does the Pro-Spec Chipper Knife contribute to the chipper’s performance?
    Crafted from high-carbon/high-chromium forged alloy tool steel, the Pro-Spec Chipper Knife ensures durability and longer edge retention, contributing to the chipper’s overall efficiency and cutting performance.
  7. What is the weight of the DR Premier 375, and does it affect its maneuverability?
    Weighing 164 lbs, the chipper strikes a balance between power and practicality. While it may be relatively heavy for manual maneuvering, its built-in handle provides ease of operation.
  8. What kind of warranty does the DR Premier 375 come with?
    The DR Premier 375 is backed by a 2-year consumer/90-day commercial warranty from DR Power Equipment, offering peace of mind and support for your investment.

As we conclude our journey with the DR Premier 375 Self-Feeding Wood Chipper, it’s clear: this isn’t just a tool; it’s a landscaping solution. With seamless hardwood handling, self-feeding prowess, towing adaptability, and safety features, the Premier 375 meets diverse yard needs. Its robust construction and thoughtful design redefine efficiency in yard maintenance. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking pristine landscapes or a landscaper tackling various projects, the Premier 375 is your reliable companion. Step into a new era of outdoor tools and elevate your yard maintenance game with the DR Premier 375 Wood Chipper’s unparalleled performance.

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