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Discover our specialized category featuring Feller Bunchers, remarkable forestry machines built to cut and gather multiple trees simultaneously. With their powerful cutting heads and exceptional maneuverability, these machines are indispensable tools for forestry professionals, enabling them to achieve precise and efficient tree harvesting operations.

Popular Feller Bunchers


John Deere 843L II

The John Deere 843L II is a high-performance logging grapple skidder designed to tackle demanding forestry operations. With its powerful engine, durable construction, and...


TimberPRO TL745D

In the world of heavy-duty forestry and land management, the TimberPro TL745D stands tall as a symbol of power, efficiency, and precision. This formidable...


CAT 522B Track Feller Buncher

The B Series track feller bunchers have undergone a significant upgrade, resulting in smoother hydraulic performance, increased engine horsepower, a more comfortable operator station,...


Tigercat 822E Feller Bunchers

The CAT 822E Feller Buncher is a versatile machine suitable for both thinning and final felling operations. With its powerful lift capacity, tight-tuck boom...


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