Best Chicken Coop for the Money 2024: Top Affordable Options


Embarking on a mission to discover the most cost-effective yet high-quality chicken coop in 2024, I dived deep into an exhaustive exploration of various options, absorbing countless reviews and drawing from my own direct experiences. The mission was straightforward yet ambitious: to identify the premier affordable chicken coops that steadfastly refuse to sacrifice essential attributes like quality, durability, and practicality. This quest is pivotal whether you’re an experienced backyard poultry enthusiast or just starting in the avian realm. The importance of securing an ideal abode for your feathered companions without straining your finances cannot be overstated. Herein lies my detailed examination and review of the most budget-friendly chicken coops for 2024, grounded in firsthand observations and rigorous investigation.

The recent years, marked by the pandemic’s onset and a noticeable surge in egg prices, have witnessed a significant rise in the popularity of backyard chicken keeping. Many are drawn to the self-reliance of producing their own fresh eggs, while others value the additional benefits these sociable birds offer, such as natural pest control and the continuous provision of nutrient-rich manure for gardens. However, to embrace the joys of chicken keeping, one must first ensure a suitable living environment for these birds—a chicken coop they can call home.

List for Best Chicken Coop for the Money 2024:

Though chickens are relatively easy to care for, they have fundamental requirements: sustenance (food and water) and a haven (shelter). Among these, the shelter represents the most substantial initial outlay. Whether opting for a movable or a fixed structure, the coop must furnish ample space, nesting boxes for egg laying, perches for roosting, and sufficient ventilation to maintain a healthy environment.

Coop prices can vary widely, with some of the more popular models fetching more than $2,000. For those looking to economize without compromising on the welfare of their feathered charges, there are several affordable chicken coop options available for under $400—some even costing less than half this amount. These budget-friendly choices ensure that you don’t have to skimp on your birds’ necessities while still managing to save money.

Top 10 Budget-Friendly Chicken Coops

1. PawHut 63-Inch Chicken Coop

Technical Features

  • Brand: PawHut
  • Item Model Number: D51-AJD-GM
  • Target Species: Chicken
  • Material: Fir Wood, Polycarbonate Panels
  • Product Dimensions: 63″L x 29.5″W x 31.5″H
  • Weight: 35.2 Pounds
  • Gap Size: 12.7 months

Equipped with both nesting and roosting boxes, this water-resistant chicken coop offers a cozy and secure habitat suitable for one or two chickens, depending on their breed. It boasts a compact house area of 3.8 square feet paired with a spacious run area of nearly 7 square feet, ensuring ample room for your chickens to live and roam. Constructed from solid fir wood, the coop’s framework delivers enhanced stability, integrating seamlessly with a built-in run to provide a safe and enclosed outdoor area.

The inclusion of a hinged polycarbonate roof not only floods the interior with natural light but also ensures robust weatherproofing, safeguarding against the elements while facilitating effortless access for routine cleaning. Additionally, a slide-out tray is thoughtfully incorporated to streamline the maintenance process, making it simpler to keep the coop clean and hygienic.

Customer reviews reflect a high level of satisfaction, with an impressive average rating of 4.8 stars, particularly praising its budget-friendly price and straightforward assembly process. This coop is lauded for its thoughtful design that combines practicality with ease of use, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a durable, comfortable, and easy-to-maintain home for their feathered friends.

2. Producer’s Pride Sentinel Chicken Coop

Technical Features

  • Brand: Producer’s Pride
  • Features of Coop/Pen: Caged Exterior, Entrance Ramp
  • Dimensions of Coop/Pen: Height: 48 in x Length: 76 in x Width: 36.4 in
  • Door Dimensions: Height: 12 in & Width: 12 in
  • Foraging or Run Area Dimensions: Length: 76 in & Width: 36 in
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Location of Doors: Front
  • Primary Color: Brown
  • Product Weight: 170 lb.
  • Roof Material: Asphalt
  • Roof Style: Sloped
  • Wall Material: Wood

Our top pick for size on this compilation, this elevated chicken coop is designed to accommodate up to six chickens, though numerous reviewers have noted that housing just four adult hens can feel somewhat cramped. To suit the needs of multiple chickens, the coop is equipped with an elongated roosting bar, three nesting boxes, and a spacious run spanning 19 square feet.

Its construction boasts a powder-coated frame for added durability, while the wood panels, enhanced for longevity, are treated with water-resistant paint to ensure a degree of weather protection.

Users have highly commended the coop for its robust build and the straightforwardness of its assembly process, awarding it an impressive rating of 4.3 stars. This coop stands out for its functional design aimed at providing ample space and comfort for the chickens, while also ensuring ease of maintenance for the owners.

3. Petsfit Chicken Coop with Nesting Box

Technical Features

  • Brand: Petsfit
  • Item Model Number: SHW10016
  • Target Species: Chicken
  • Material: Spruce Wood
  • Product Dimensions: 53″L x 22″W x 28″H
  • Weight: 62.9 Pounds
  • Gap Size: 12.7 months

This spacious chicken coop, offering 9 square feet of living space, is ideally suited to comfortably accommodate three adult chickens, with the option to purchase the run separately. Crafted from 100% natural, robust solid-fir wood panels, this coop is built with durability in mind and has received a commendable 4-star rating from Amazon customers.

Despite its sturdy construction, some reviewers have pointed out that the three access doors may tend to warp over time. Additionally, there have been observations that the stainless steel hinges and locks provided might not offer the level of ruggedness and protection against predators that some users were expecting.

To enhance its resilience against various weather conditions, the coop is finished with eco-friendly, water-based paint and topped with a rain-resistant asphalt roof, ensuring a secure and weatherproof shelter for the chickens.

4. Diego Enclosed Outdoor Backyard Chicken Coop

Technical Features

  • Product Type: Chicken Coop
  • Number of Levels: 2 Levels
  • Chicken Coop Features: Hinged Roof, Walk-In, Removable Ramp, Removable Tray
  • What’s Included: Window Included
  • Nesting Box Material: Wood
  • Chicken Capacity: 3
  • Wood Type: Solid Wood
  • Roof Color: Gray

This chic, raised chicken coop, crafted from durable fir wood, is designed with both style and functionality in mind. It features a non-slip ramp, a thoughtful addition that assists chickens in moving in and out of the coop with ease. One of its standout features is a hinged lid on the nesting box, which greatly simplifies the process of egg collection. Additionally, the coop is fitted with a removable roof, offering convenient access to the interior. For maintenance and cleaning, a pull-out tray is included, making the task of keeping the coop clean much less cumbersome.

To ensure a hassle-free setup, the necessary tools for assembly are provided with the coop. Customer feedback on this product is largely positive, averaging a rating of 3.7 stars. However, it’s important to note that some reviewers have suggested that this coop is more suitable for growing chicks or housing a small number of bantam (miniature) chickens. They point out that, with its 14.1 square feet of space, the coop might be somewhat cramped for larger hens. This insight is particularly useful for prospective buyers to understand the space limitations and suitability of the coop for their specific poultry-keeping needs.

5. Dark Red Gatsby Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Technical Features

  • Number of Levels: 2 Levels
  • Frame Material: Wood, Metal
  • Durability Features: Water Resistant, Rust Resistant
  • Chicken Coop Features: Hinged Roof, Locking System
  • Nesting Box Material: Wood
  • Chicken Capacity: 5
  • Finish: Dark Red Finish
  • Wood Type: Solid Wood
  • Roof Color: Composite Asphalt Shingles

6. Aivituvin Chicken Houses and Outdoor Coops

Technical Features

  • Brand: Aivituvin
  • Target Species: Chicken, Rabbit, Duck, Cat
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Fir
  • Product Dimensions: 80.7″L x 26″W x 44.5″H
  • Weight: 73 Pounds
  • Gap Size: 24

This generously sized chicken coop, designed to comfortably accommodate four chickens, boasts a roomy interior of 12 square feet within the coop itself, coupled with an expansive 20-square-foot run. To ensure the comfort and well-being of the chickens, it is equipped with two round-edge perches, providing ample space for roosting. Additionally, a large nesting area is included, thoughtfully covered with waterproof PVC to protect against the elements. The coop also features a lengthy 79-inch run, offering the chickens a substantial area to roam and exercise.

Notably, the coop is designed with eight doors, facilitating multiple points of access. This feature enhances both the convenience for the caretaker and the safety for the chickens. Maintenance is made easy with a metal pull-out tray, allowing for hassle-free cleaning. An extra measure of security is provided by wooden strips located under the coop, designed to deter predator intrusion.

The Aivituvin coop has been well-received by Wayfair customers, earning an impressive 4-star rating. Shoppers particularly commend the coop for its straightforward assembly process and the abundance of access points, each fitted with safety locks. These features collectively make the coop a practical, secure, and comfortable home for chickens, aligning with the needs of both the birds and their owners.

7. ECOFLEX Fontana Chicken Barn

ECOFLEX Fontana Chicken Barn
<a class=”btn btn-success w-100″ rel=”nofollow” href=””Price Range: $228.84 USD on Amazon

Technical Features

  • Brand: New Age Pet
  • Target Species: Chicken
  • Material: ECOFLEX
  • Specific Uses For Product: Outdoor
  • Product Dimensions: 52.4″L x 29.4″W x 29.1″H
  • Weight: 57.01 Pounds
  • Roof Style: Flat
  • Location of Doors: Front
  • Nesting Area Length: 15.75 in.
  • Nesting Area Width: 13.62 in.

Constructed from an innovative recycled wood and polymer blend, this 11-square-foot ecoFLEX chicken coop stands out for its environmentally friendly and non-toxic design. It is crafted to comfortably house up to four chickens, offering a secure and sustainable living environment. One of the key advantages of this material is its impressive resistance to moisture, warping, cracking, and splitting. Unlike traditional wood, it remains stable without expanding or contracting, which significantly enhances its longevity and eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

The nonabsorbent nature of ecoFLEX makes the coop easy to clean, a feature that is particularly beneficial for maintaining a hygienic space for the chickens. It’s important to note that, in contrast to many other options on this list, the run for this coop is available but sold separately. Customers have rated this coop with 4 stars, frequently commending its 10-year warranty and the simplicity of its assembly process, which remarkably requires no tools.

However, some reviewers have expressed concerns regarding the ventilation system and have mentioned difficulties in cleaning due to the roof’s fixed design, which does not allow for removal. These insights are crucial for potential buyers to consider, balancing the eco-friendly aspects and ease of setup with the practical aspects of ventilation and cleaning.

8. PawHut 75 Inches Wooden Chicken Coop

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: Pawhut
  • Manufacturer: Aosom Direct
  • Target Species: Chicken
  • Material: Wood
  • Specific Uses For Product: Outdoor
  • Product Dimensions: 74.75″L x 32″W x 40.5″H
  • Item Weight: 48.8 pounds

This space-efficient chicken coop, designed with a slender 75-inch (or approximately 6.25 feet) footprint, is an ideal solution for smaller yards. It cleverly maximizes its compact design by offering 5 square feet of space in the coop itself and an additional 12.5 square feet in the run area. The coop is thoughtfully equipped with two roosting poles and a sizeable nesting area, which includes a removable divider to provide privacy for the chickens. This setup is capable of accommodating two chickens comfortably.

One of the key features of this coop is the inclusion of a ramp, facilitating easy access for the chickens to move between the run and the hen house. For the convenience of the owner, there is a hinged top that simplifies the process of egg collection. Additionally, a pull-out tray is incorporated for effortless cleaning. The coop also features a screened window, a crucial element that enhances airflow and ensures proper ventilation.

Owners of this coop acknowledge its excellent value for money. However, the coop has received an average rating of 3.7 stars, with some users pointing out concerns regarding the materials’ quality. Specifically, there are observations that the wood is relatively thin and may be susceptible to splitting. This feedback highlights a balance between the coop’s efficient use of space and affordability, and considerations regarding its long-term durability and material robustness.

9. Kinbor Wooden Chicken Coop

Technical Features

  • Brand: Kinbor
  • Target Species: Chicken
  • Material: Fir
  • Specific Uses For Product: Outdoor
  • Product Dimensions: 61.3″L x 20.6″W x 45.4″H

This charming chicken coop, crafted from high-quality fir wood, stands out with its elevated design and visually appealing aesthetic. It is painted with an eco-friendly, waterproof, non-toxic lacquer, ensuring both safety for the chickens and durability against the elements. The coop’s roof is further enhanced with green waterproof fabric and asphalt material, providing additional UV resistance and waterproofing, crucial for withstanding various weather conditions.

Spanning nearly 9 square feet in size, this coop is tailored to comfortably house two chickens. It features a versatile hen house, which can be fully opened to allow for ample air circulation, a necessary aspect for the health and comfort of the chickens. Alternatively, it can be closed to offer protection against harsh weather conditions. The inclusion of a pull-out tray is a thoughtful addition, simplifying the cleaning process significantly. Moreover, multiple access points are designed into the coop, further easing the maintenance task.

Customers on Amazon have reported that the coop is relatively easy to assemble, contributing to its favorable 4.1-star rating. However, they also emphasize its petite size, noting that the limited space inside the coop offers little room for placing essential items such as a waterer and feeder. This feedback is crucial for prospective buyers, especially those who may be considering this coop for larger breeds or a greater number of chickens. The coop’s compact design, while aesthetically pleasing and functional for smaller setups, may pose challenges for those requiring more space for their poultry’s daily necessities.

10. Mobile Wood Chicken Coop Tractor With Wheels

Technical Features

  • Brand: Best Choice Products
  • Target Species: Chicken
  • Material: Fir
  • Specific Uses For Product: Outdoor
  • Product Dimensions: 70.87″L x 25.98″W x 39.37″H
  • Weight: 56 Pounds

This mobile chicken coop, commonly known as a chicken tractor, is designed for effortless relocation thanks to its robust set of wheels. The user-friendly design allows you to simply tilt the coop back and use the integrated handle to transport it across your yard, providing your chickens with access to fresh grass. This practical feature is particularly beneficial for maintaining a healthy, natural environment for the chickens.

With a capacity to house up to four chickens and a total dimension of 12 square feet, the coop offers ample space for movement and comfort. It is equipped with two doors, enhancing accessibility both for the chickens and for maintenance purposes. Additionally, a slide-out tray is included in the design, greatly simplifying the cleaning process – a feature often appreciated by chicken keepers.

The coop’s construction features fir wood, known for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Above this structure, a plastic diffuser roof panel is installed to reduce heat absorption, ensuring a more comfortable interior climate for the chickens, especially during warmer weather. A sizeable nesting box is also part of the design, complete with a removable divider for added flexibility.

Shoppers have rated this mobile coop with 3.8 stars, signaling a positive reception. They particularly highlight the ease of assembly and its lightweight nature, which enables easy movement. This aspect of mobility not only benefits the health of the chickens by providing them with fresh ground regularly but also offers convenience to the owner, making this coop a practical and well-received choice for those looking for a flexible and efficient chicken housing solution.

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Final Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, the search for the best chicken coop for the money in 2024 has revealed a diverse range of affordable options that cater to various needs without compromising on quality. From compact designs for small spaces to larger, mobile options for greater flexibility, these coops offer practicality, durability, and ease of maintenance, all while ensuring the comfort and safety of your chickens. While each coop has its unique features, the common thread is their exceptional value for money, making them accessible to both seasoned poultry enthusiasts and beginners alike. Whether you prioritize space, mobility, or ease of cleaning, these top picks demonstrate that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability when it comes to providing a nurturing home for your feathered friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I consider when choosing an affordable chicken coop?
    Consider the size of your flock, space availability, climate conditions, coop durability, ease of cleaning, and security against predators.
  2. Can a cheaper chicken coop still be predator-proof?
    Yes, even affordable coops can be made predator-proof with secure latching, sturdy materials, and proper fencing. It’s more about the design and build quality than the price.
  3. How many chickens can comfortably fit in a budget coop?
    This varies by model, but generally, affordable coops can house 2-4 chickens. Always check the specific dimensions and recommendations for each coop.
  4. Are these affordable coops suitable for harsh weather conditions?
    Many affordable coops offer weather-resistant features like waterproofing and insulation, but always check the specifications for suitability in your local climate.
  5. Do I need to assemble the coop myself?
    Typically, yes. Most affordable coops come with assembly instructions, and some are easier to assemble than others.
  6. Can I expand these coops in the future?
    Some affordable coops offer expansion options or modular designs, but this varies by brand and model.
  7. What maintenance do these chicken coops require?
    Regular cleaning, checking for wear and tear, and occasional repainting or resealing if the material requires it.
  8. Do these coops include nesting boxes and perches?
    Most coops come with these features, but check individual product details to be sure.
  9. Are affordable coops made from sustainable materials?
    Many brands are now using sustainable or recycled materials, but this varies, so check the product specifications.
  10. Can I keep these coops in an urban backyard?
    Yes, many of the affordable options are compact and designed for small spaces, making them suitable for urban backyards.

We greatly value your input! Feel free to share your personal experiences and opinions regarding the best chicken coops for the money in 2024 in the comments section below. Your firsthand insights and feedback could be incredibly helpful to others in making well-informed decisions about affordable and quality options for their feathered friends. Join the conversation and help fellow poultry enthusiasts find the perfect coop for their needs!

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